Standing MY Ground

By: Patti Bankson

Every now and then celebrities and various “leaders” step down from their pedestals to reveal their ignorance, amorality, self-absorption, and, last, but not least, their hypocrisy. Unfortunately, some of their fans… too many… eat it up, letting the celebrities “decide”, if you will, what their own “beliefs” are, and “dictating” their behavior. While Hollywood, and D.C., among others, cry for their privacy to be respected, they love to come out from under their personal rocks when an opportunity presents itself to belch on society… speaking out, and marching on.

    Currently, and still, the topic du jour is GUNS and RACE. All thanks to the George Zimmerman trial. Interestingly, everyone involved in the investigation of this case, and the jury, didn’t see race as an issue. But, thanks to a verdict that wasn’t what some wanted, they’ve taken to the streets, and stepped up to the microphones, to make it an issue, and to out themselves as hypocrites on the subject. They are the very definition of a hypocrite:  an actor.
    Many, many actors and actresses appear in movies filled with guns, gunfights, and other mayhem… it’s okay for them to shoot guns, because that’s how they make their living. But, it’s not okay to shoot guns when, in real life mayhem, someone is trying to make sure they have a life. Even outside of their movies, or concerts, it’s okay for the really “important” people to own and carry a gun for their own protection… or to be surrounded by gun-packing body guards who have been hired to use those guns to protect their charges. Those boycotting say they’ll keep it up until Florida gets rid of its Stand Your Ground Law. Even though this whole thing has absolutely nothing to do with Stand Your Ground, they are determined to make it an issue. I have to wonder, though, whether that determination will cause them to boycott Michigan, Nevada, Oklahoma, North Carolina, Texas, or anyone of the other 18 states with the same law on the books? No concerts in one-half of the entire U.S… WOW. Sounds like it could be pretty costly. And, what if people in those states decided they like that law… they want to be able to defend themselves when a bad guy shows up and threatens them … and as a result decided to boycott those boycotting their states?
    Truthfully, I don’t care whether celebs show up here, or in a movie… I’mboycotting ridiculous concert and movie prices, not to mention outrageous popcorn, drink and candy prices. It’s my way of boycotting the filth, violence and indecency that passes for entertainment today. So, do what’cha gotta do, celebrities… just know that boycotts can work both ways. And that, until entertainment becomes entertainment again, and anti-gun people quit trying to manipulate my 2nd Amendment rights, I, for one, will be STANDING MY GROUND.
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