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September 26, 2007


Filed under: American Government,Immigration - 26 Sep 2007

I recently had the wonderful opportunity to converse with some of the people whom the dream act will benefit as they decided unwittingly to come to the Voice and tell us what a wonderful thing this bill is and how …

September 25, 2007

12.7 Billion

Filed under: Immigration - 25 Sep 2007

12.7 Billion, that is a large number and that is tax dollars, and that is just part of the money our children will be competing for, for college if the dream act passes. Currently there are 1400 federal programs to …

September 23, 2007

If You Can’t Hire Cheap Labor, Move Out Of The Country

Filed under: American Economy - 23 Sep 2007

If they can’t bring illegal workers in by the bus load to replace hard working American’s and lower their operating costs many companies decide to move their operations to locations where cheap labor is legal. Take for instance the radio …

September 22, 2007

The Dream Act, America’s Nightmare

Filed under: Immigration - 22 Sep 2007

It would appear that some people in Senate believe that Americans are asleep again and that they can now bring up the dream act and we will just roll over and hit the snooze button. My snooze button is broken …

September 19, 2007

Look At How Far We Have Come

Filed under: War On Terror - 19 Sep 2007

Tuesday, we remembered our lost Americans who were taken from us by barbarians who wanted nothing more than to see us come to our knees, at least some of us remembered others sat in an office and called an American …

September 18, 2007

Do It Before It Is Too Late

She wipes her sleepy eyes and places her hand over her heart; she says the pledge of allegiance to her country and her state. He carefully packs his tool box making sure to leave nothing behind, she sits in her …

September 17, 2007

We Are Not Panicking – We Are Angry!

The Department of Homeland security and the FBI have been apprehensive about giving out information about the possible terrorist attempts on our schools because of fear of widespread panic. I doubt that it ever occurred to them that not …

September 16, 2007

The Job Is Not Yet Finished

Filed under: War On Terror - 16 Sep 2007

We have fought the mighty battle on land and on sea; we have marched to the drum beat of the clarion call to war. We have fought the mighty demon with our broad swords and might, we have dropped raging …

September 15, 2007

Real Life

Filed under: Politics In General - 15 Sep 2007

Robbing from Peter to pay Paul and thanking the good Lord that Peter is always around when you need him. Working from dawn to dusk just to make sure the kids have a good Christmas, even though you know that …

September 14, 2007

Conoco, Your Debit Card and Bouncing Checks

Filed under: What The F@#K?!? - 14 Sep 2007

I don’t know about you but I am not so rich that I don’t notice when my account is to the breaking point and I tend to spend very conservatively when I know a check in the wrong amount may …

September 12, 2007

September Eleventh Has Now Become Just Another Day

Filed under: War On Terror - 12 Sep 2007

The flags that waved so proudly on our cars are in tatters now, the promises we made are discarded like some old New Years resolution. Assaulted by a barrage of insults from major news media ranging from insulting our troops, …

September 8, 2007

If We Don’t Stop Them They Will Own America

They disguise themselves as a purely American group, whose sole goal is the civil liberties of American citizens and as such are funded by our government because who would want to deny funding to any organization who was for our …

September 7, 2007

They are not even being shy about it anymore

Filed under: Immigration - 07 Sep 2007

President Felipe Calderon, today blasted our deportations and said “Mexico does not end at its borders.” And speaking to Mexicans in the US many of them here illegally he told them “Where there is a Mexican, there is Mexico.” …

September 4, 2007

Time to stop talking about it

Filed under: Politics In General,The Republicans - 04 Sep 2007

Ok, we have had numbers of people who have said we need to take the Republican Party back, some have set up blogs, some are writing about it and even more are just complaining about it. I know it seems …

September 3, 2007

Are We Safer Today Than We Were Six Years Ago?

Filed under: Immigration,War On Terror - 03 Sep 2007

He packs his carry on bag, says his prayers and picks up his razor. Another teaches his students that there was in fact no treaty, there was no payment the United States stole this land and it is their …

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