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March 28, 2011

Truth And Lies Of A Government “Shutdown”

In broad daylight, after having won a landslide victory last November, congressional Republicans are engineering the most embarrassing surrender since Napoleon at Waterloo. And the greatest outrage of it is that such a debacle need not ever take place. To …

March 20, 2011

Ongoing Efforts To Derail The Tea Party

When the burgeoning Tea Party first became apparent in early 2009, the Democrat/media political machine attempted to simply ignore it. Later on, their response was to try to trivialize it as a “fringe movement” or, in the words of then …

March 15, 2011

How Democrats Intend To Win Big In 2012

Throughout 2010, liberals sought to diffuse conservative momentum and comfort themselves with the notion that this was not 1994, and therefore any repeat of the Republican landslide victory of that year was hardly an inevitability. However, in the wake of …

March 6, 2011

The Lybian Nightmare That Almost Was

Filed under: History - 06 Mar 2011

Among the defining endeavors of Ronald Reagan’s Presidency was his push for the development of a space-based nuclear shield, known as Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI). Derisively caricatured as “Star Wars” by its peacenik detractors, Reagan envisioned a multi-layered array of …

March 2, 2011

Futility Of Middle East Efforts At “Democracy”

Filed under: Foreign Countries & Policy - 02 Mar 2011

After nine days of “voting present” on the chaos in Libya, Barack Obama has now decided to vocally condemn the brutish tactics of Colonel Moammar Kadafi, its dictatorial ruler for the past four decades. The proper interpretation of Obama’s sudden …

February 20, 2011

Attaching Reality To Obama’s “Sputnik Moment”

Filed under: Politics In General - 20 Feb 2011

Perhaps the best manner in which to properly assess the true nature of liberalism is to revisit the issues and commentaries of a few weeks past, and compare them to the events of the current day. As any given situation …

February 12, 2011

Effectively Fortifying America In Dangerous Times

As Egypt continues in turmoil, western liberals remain committed to wallowing in their blind myopia, oblivious to the warnings that cry out to them from the pages of history. Incredibly, they believe that by some strange means, the aftermath of …

January 2, 2011

New Congress Can Define Issues For 2012

Filed under: American Government,Featured Conservative - 02 Jan 2011

One nightmarish chapter of the Obama/Reid/Pelosi has mercifully ended. The “lame duck” debacle is at last at an end. And America waits expectantly to see if all of the efforts of the grassroots to begin the work of restoring the …

December 20, 2010

Court Rules Against Unconstitutional Excesses Of Obamacare

Constitutional advocates are hailing the decision of U.S. District Judge Henry Hudson to strike down a central element of Obamacare which would require citizens to purchase healthcare or face a fine. And while Hudson did rule correctly, his decision is …

December 15, 2010

Tax Squabble Puts America At A Crossroads

The unprecedented power of this year’s conservative groundswell has placed Washington liberals completely on the defensive, which is a fate they never expected. It was barely two years ago that the future was seemingly in their hands. Now they must …

December 5, 2010

Oregon Terrorism Reflects Vanishing American Culture

On Thanksgiving weekend, a horrific “near miss” occurred in Oregon, as Mohamed Osman Mohamud, a Somali immigrant and aspiring Islamic terrorist attempted to explode a truck bomb in the middle of a crowd that had gathered in Portland for the …

December 1, 2010

The Alinsky Sharia Connection

Filed under: Featured Conservative,Politics In General - 01 Dec 2010

The November 22 issue of Newsweek magazine has, as its cover, a caricature of Barack Obama balancing on one leg and sporting six outstretched arms. This image also happens to be a caricature of the Hindu “deity” Shiva, one of …

September 23, 2010

Reckoning Honestly With “Tea Party” Momentum

Grassroots conservatism is alive and well, as evidenced by the “upset” victory of “Tea Party” candidate Christine O’Donnell over career politician and RINO Mike Castle in the Delaware Republican Senate primary. The event is already being labeled an “upset,” although …

August 29, 2010

David Limbaugh’s “Crimes Against Liberty”

It is rare in any age that a single book can so comprehensively document and analyze a historical movement as to be capable of defining it. In the aftermath of World War II, which shattered western civilization to a degree …

August 21, 2010

Preparing For Democrat’s 2010 General Election Antics

Ever since the advent of the Obama Administration, and its systematic corruption and destruction of the nation’s constitutional framework, Americans have fervently anticipated their opportunity to atone for their past sins by way of the 2010 mid-term elections. That season …

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