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August 15, 2010

Obama Did Shakedown BP And America

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Congressman Joe Barton (R.-TX) is one of the few people from either party in Washington who should have any credibility left with the American public. On June 17, Barton infuriated liberals on Capitol Hill, and throughout the national media, by …

August 11, 2010

A Conservative Strategy For 2010 And Beyond

As November looms, traditional America is conflicted among feelings of anticipation, dread, and despair. The upcoming elections hold the prospect of major conservative gains in the House and Senate, which could drastically turn the tide on the relentless liberal attacks …

August 1, 2010

Real America Did Not Sue Arizona

Once again, the despicable conduct of the Obama Administration compels us to do a “reality check,” this time in regard to the lawsuit filed by Eric Holder’s Justice Department against the State of Arizona. Put aside, for the moment, the …

July 27, 2010

America’s Decline Forty-One Years After Apollo 11

This week marks the forty-first anniversary of one of America’s crowning achievements, the first manned landing on the moon. Apollo 11 astronauts Neil Armstrong and Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin, riding on the shoulders of thousands of engineers, technicians, and manufacturers, touched …

July 16, 2010

Obama And Holder Weaponize American “Justice”

In the past few weeks, America’s legal system has been subjected to an avalanche of outrages from the White House and Department of Justice. But while each individual event, if considered apart from the others, would be sufficient to warrant …

July 12, 2010

Spare Us The Kagan Confirmation Charade

Perhaps it is again time for a history refresher regarding the origins of the United States of America. The Constitution is far more than just a venerated piece of parchment containing soaring words and phrases, that sits behind a thick …

June 13, 2010

Bobby Jindal Versus Barack Obama: The Rematch

On February 24, 2009 Barack Obama delivered his first State of the Union speech to the resounding accolades of the liberal press. Barely a month after his inauguration, he still basked in the glow of the standard “honeymoon,” bolstered by …

March 23, 2010

Washington Chaos Portends Obama’s Vision For America

As the nationalized “Healthcare” debacle nears its end game, the people of America are increasingly shocked and disgusted by the raw ugliness of the Obama “governing” philosophy. Those platitudes of “hope and change” are gone, and in their place a …

March 13, 2010

Wake Up America! Democrats Hate “Democracy”

Among the many absurdities proffered by Barack Obama sycophants in the media and throughout the liberal establishment is the notion that Obama possesses great leadership qualities. Throughout his public life he has consistently proven himself to be the antithesis of …

March 5, 2010

Pelosi Backwards On “Tea Parties” and GOP

Democrats continue to bounce between occasional brief attempts at pandering to grassroots America, and their more innate reversion to unrestrained contempt for the beliefs and sentiments of the heartland. In the process, they reveal a willingness to resort to any …

February 12, 2010

Real Conservatism Is About Principles, Not Personalities

It was an odd week for a staunch conservative to be in agreement with Barack Obama. In the wake of Republican Scott Brown’s dramatic Senate victory in Massachusetts, Democrat leaders were stunned and shaken. But as usual, they quickly gathered …

January 10, 2010

GOP Cannot Coast Into 2010 Elections

Filed under: Elections & Voting,Featured Conservative - 10 Jan 2010

The 2010 mid-term campaign season is now upon America, and none too soon. With two weeks still to go before his term reaches the one-year mark, the damage Barack Obama has inflicted on this nation is almost incomprehensible. Among those …

December 29, 2009

Is There No Stopping This Liberal Madness?

Last week, with comparatively little fanfare, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton gave away a hundred billion dollars at the bogus “Climate Summit” in Copenhagen. The sum is nearly unfathomable. It is more than four times greater than the total expended …

December 21, 2009

Betting America’s Future On The “Healthcare” Circus

At this writing, the prospect of America’s descent into the abyss of socialism hinges on an impasse between Senator Joe Lieberman (I.-CT) and Barack Obama’s replacement Senator Roland Burris (D.-IL). The irreconcilable difference between the two pertains to the inclusion …

December 11, 2009

Rising Leaders In The Republican Party

With each passing day, the cornerstones of American greatness are being attacked and dismantled by the left, whose goal is clearly their eventual eradication and replacement by a liberal “new order.” As the nation sinks further under the oppression of …

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