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November 19, 2011

A Man or a Mob?

Will America’s character ultimately be defined by the rabid ME! ME! ME! mentality of a teeming mob or by the solemn determination of one man to stand on principle when the best career advice would probably tell him to do …

November 3, 2011

A Role Model for President Obama

Filed under: Economics,History - 03 Nov 2011

To restore America as a beacon of economic liberty and prosperity, President Obama could follow the lead of Warren Harding, born November 2, 1865.

October 16, 2011

Notes of a 99-er

Speaking as one of the 99% exploited by the evil rich, the teeming hordes of malcontents occupying Wall Street and other major cities DO NOT SPEAK FOR ME. I would rather die in poverty than live on their state-sanctioned …

September 12, 2011

Rick Perry the Heretic

Whenever mainstream pundits identify a conservative as a Christian, brace yourself, the ax is about to fall. Even some right-wingers sneer that Rick Perry is Christian, and, if confrontation appears imminent, they all hide behind their solemn veneer of looking …

September 2, 2011

Soak the Super Rich

Once again, the government class (and its most docile followers) has appropriated the language to cushion the blow of its self-perpetuation. ‘The rich?’ That’s so 2008. Besides, that canard has lost all but its minimal PR punch. …

August 13, 2011

Ramblings of a Mean Conservative

With no record to run on in 2012, look for Democrats (along with their accomplices in the mainstream media) to attack like cornered animals. They will continue the narrative, so ingrained in American political thought as to be considered …

July 6, 2011

Party Like It’s 1924

Filed under: Elections & Voting,History - 06 Jul 2011

Fourth of July marks a great time to remember Calvin Coolidge, the 30th president, who was born on Independence Day in 1872. Thanks, in part, to the Tea Party and other Americans of similar sentiments, Silent Cal, considered mediocre …

June 20, 2011

Ignorance (Of Liberalism) Is Bliss

Filed under: Politics In General - 20 Jun 2011

Too often, presidential primaries resemble American Idol auditions and bear about as much ideological substance. How alarming that our cherished liberties can rest on the whims of focus groups and the same Madison Avenue machinations used to sell toothpaste. …

June 5, 2011

Are We All Socialists?

Filed under: Politics In General - 05 Jun 2011

The liberal tongue is so agile it can stretch any word or concept beyond all recognition. ‘Human rights,’ ‘constitutional,’ ‘family’ and ‘entitlements’ can all mean whatever the day’s marching orders dictate.

May 11, 2011

Palestine – Hamas And Fatah Seal Unreal Deal

Filed under: Foreign Countries & Policy - 11 May 2011

The announcement this week in Cairo of the long awaited reconciliation between rival Palestinian factions Hamas and Fatah has turned out to be to nothing more than an agreement to continue negotiating on a range of so far unresolved – …

May 8, 2011

Who Will Select the GOP nominee?

Filed under: Elections & Voting - 08 May 2011

While nothing written here is intended as a diatribe against open primaries (where voters of any or no affiliation are allowed to vote in the party’s primary of their choice), I do submit that in 2012 (with no apparent challenger …

April 9, 2011

Goldstone Gazumped On Gaza

Richard Goldstone now faces bitter condemnation from Israel following his belated admission that his infamous Report was wrong in finding that Israel had intentionally targeted civilians during its invasion of Gaza in December 2008.

March 9, 2011

Palestine – Intellectual Ignorance Insults Israel

Filed under: Foreign Countries & Policy - 09 Mar 2011

Novelist Ian McEwan displayed crass ignorance of the Arab-Jewish conflict when recently accepting the US$10000 Jerusalem Prize - awarded to a writer whose work best expresses and promotes the idea of the ”freedom of the individual in …

March 3, 2011

Why Election 2012 Is Already a Yawner

Filed under: Elections & Voting,The Republicans - 03 Mar 2011

Ever notice how most prominent liberals mention an anonymous Republican friend who confides embarrassment at the noisy, conservative wing of the party? Columnist Froma Harrop revealed that “a moderate Republican friend confided that he sometimes wishes his party would …

February 16, 2011

Egypt and Tunisia – The Power of Prediction

Filed under: Foreign Countries & Policy - 16 Feb 2011

The West has been caught with its pants down following the popular revolutions in Egypt and Tunisia during the past month.

I wonder why.

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