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October 6, 2012

Of Supreme Court Justices and Gay Manifestos in Public Schools

California is now instituting laws prohibiting a therapist from counseling a child confused by same sex attractions. Parents are unable to legally find help. But a teacher can arrange for the child to be taken off campus to see a …

September 21, 2012

Pres. Obama, Congress, Prophecy & Revelation 13

Filed under: Religion & Faith - 21 Sep 2012

First, I wish to express how grateful I am to African-Americans. You are predominantly a people of great faith and it was your stand along with the Mormons that upheld Prop 8 in California. You are a beautiful people with …

December 24, 2010

Worthless Women, a ‘Mary’ Christmas

Filed under: Religion & Faith - 24 Dec 2010

She waits for the phone to ring. He said he’d call. Outside a car splashes through a puddle and for a second she thinks it’s him, but the car drives on. Maybe she should have made him wait longer, but …

November 18, 2010

The Sign of Jonah for Islam

Filed under: Religion & Faith - 18 Nov 2010

Muslims seem to be having trouble understanding the “Sign of Jonah.” Because Islamworld and my webpage currently trade off for Google’s number 1 slot on the subject, I have been overwhelmed with Muslim claims that the sign …

November 1, 2010

All of Heaven watches how we wield our vote

A man drives past the polling station with a shrug, thinking his one vote doesn’t matter. Who cares?

Oh not many. Just all the host of heaven.

“For there is nothing covered that will not be revealed, nor hidden that will not …

October 7, 2010

Stock Markets, Shopping Malls & Sprinklers of Fire

Filed under: Potpourri - 07 Oct 2010

Six years ago I posted my only public prophetic dream and forgot about it. Since then, the U.S. deficit has skyrocketed to $13 trillion, a gas explosion ripped through San Bruno, PG&E is grimly investigating old gas pipelines lacing California …

October 1, 2010

Cordoba Mosque, Texas Board and the Associated Press

Filed under: In The News - 01 Oct 2010

As the Texas State Board of Education continues to be lambasted for signing a one page resolution to limit Islam in our children’s textbooks, parents continue to be outraged by what they find in our public schools. Houghton Mifflin’s “Across …

September 24, 2010

Mosques, Muslims & Minivans The Breakdown of America

Filed under: Politics In General - 24 Sep 2010

Bill and Hillary Clinton, Judge Phyllis Hamilton, the US Department of Justice, the US State Department…I’ve been writing for years that our government is promoting Islam through our schools in collusion with Saudi Arabia. Recent events with the New York …

August 31, 2010

Glenn Beck’s “Restoring Honor” a huge success

America’s faithful gathered with the unified mission to Restore Honor within ourselves and our nation. From the steps of the Abraham Lincoln Monument all the way past the World War II Memorial they gathered, straining to hear as numbers exceeded …

June 8, 2010

Islam Indoctrination in U.S. Textbooks

Today’s textbooks indoctrinate our children into Islam and are backed by court rulings allowing teachers to REQUIRE our children to bow down and pray to Allah “in demonstration.” As Obama’s non-jihadists plot to “internally cleanse” America shouting “Allah-Akbar,” many of …

June 5, 2010

Calif. Racist Education Standards Infecting the Nation

California is taking the lead in determining the nation’s education by outlawing Texas standards from California curriculum. Textbook publishers will be pressured to ignore Texas standards by making it illegal for California school boards to adopt anything that smacks of …

May 29, 2010

California’s Progressives battle Texas Textbooks

Filed under: Education & Schools - 29 May 2010

California lawmakers are attempting to impose California’s corrupt textbook standards on America by passing a bill to counter the Texas Board of Education Textbook Standards.

In an effort to fast track his bill, California Senator Leland Yee (D) scrapped his existing …

March 17, 2010

Obama like a bad date

So President Obama has extended the health bill deadline yet AGAIN. What part of “no” does he not understand? We keep rejecting him but he ignores our protests. His nudges have progressed into shoves as America is crowded like a …

February 3, 2010

Glenn Beck Exposing Progressives, your Chavez is showing

Filed under: Liberalism, Marxism & Communism - 03 Feb 2010

Ever feel like both Republicans and Democrats are just puppets on a stage of distraction? Glenn Beck has been explaining why to millions of captivated Americans. It’s the Progressive movement and it attacks the Constitution from BOTH parties. If you …

January 21, 2010

Gov. Schwarzenegger, Prop 8 and Gay Marriage

Filed under: Politics In General - 21 Jan 2010

California waits in hushed silence hoping America is still a democracy as militant gay activists once again demand control over our children in public schools through legalization of gay marriage. We have seen how gay marriage is used like a …