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March 24, 2010

Twelve Ways the Republicans Can Salvage this Country if Pelosi Uses the “Slaughter Rule”

Filed under: Politics In General - 24 Mar 2010

They finally did it. The Democrats have officially sanctioned mob rule, Ochlocracy, to be referred to therein as Mobocracy, America’s new form of government by a vote of 222-203. This victorious vote by the congressional Mobocracy has delegated to Nancy …

March 15, 2010

Nancy Pelosi Sums Up what is Wrong with the Democratic Led Congress and Barack Obama in One Sentence

Nancy Pelosi addressed the 2010 Legislative Conference for the National Association of Counties earlier this week. With her vacuous hyperbole, Pelosi confirmed, yet again, that she and Maxine Waters are cerebrally indistinguishable from cork. Being a fervid pursuant of the …

March 9, 2010

What Was Learned From the Obama Health Care Summit

On February 25th, Obama’s health care summit/theater/reality show was held at Blair House. One week of dissecting, analyzing, interpreting, and consideration has been invested into annotating Obama’s fusion of powers exposition. For the myopically infirmed Left, Obama was spectacular as …

February 26, 2010

What This Past Year Has Taught Us About Barack Obama, Sarah Palin, Joe Biden, and John McCain

This past year, Barack Obama, Sarah Palin, Joe Biden, and John McCain have, through their actions, demonstrated who they are, in contrast to what their campaigns and detractors said they were. The mysteries, conjectures, hypotheses, and suppositions have been manifested …

February 14, 2010

The Stupid Weather Still Won’t Cooperate with the Leftist’s Global Warming Science

In another calamitous blow to the global warming church, the highly anticipated National Oceanic and Atmosphere Administration (NOAA), which is part of the Commerce Department, had to cancel their global altering press conference about man-made global warming in Washington D.C. …

February 12, 2010

When Leftists Predict Global Warming Scenarios

Filed under: Liberalism, Marxism & Communism - 12 Feb 2010

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., chief prosecuting attorney for the advocacy group Riverkeeper, an environmental organization, darts around the world on private jets apprising people how to conduct their lives for the sake of the Earth. Not flying around the globe …

February 1, 2010

Barack Obama Reacts to Supreme Court Upholding 1st Amendment Rights for Corporations

Since the Supreme Court ruling reversing the 1990 case Austin v. Michigan Chamber of Commerce, and the unconstitutional provisions of the 2002 McCain-Feingold campaign-finance law, are of a First Amendment disposition, prefacing this and all related articles with the First …

January 20, 2010

Why is Obama Allowing Labor Unions to Write America’s Legislation?

Perhaps somewhere along the line I acquired an egregious misunderstanding of the premeditated and calculated limited powers granted to the Congress and the Executive Branch by the United States Constitution. It has always been my understanding, and also the understanding …

January 1, 2010

Janet Napolitano Releases Formal Statement About How the System Worked

Filed under: Featured Conservative,War On Terror - 01 Jan 2010

The facts are these: Abdul Farouk Abdulmutallab, a Nigerian, an affiliate of Al Qaeda, a Muslim, a terrorist, a recent visitor to a breeding ground for Al Qaeda operatives (Yemen), identified on international terrorist watch lists, whose father warned the …

December 27, 2009

Why Does Sarah Palin Get So Much Media Attention?

Filed under: Politics In General - 27 Dec 2009

The Left, since the release of Sarah Palin’s book, Going Rogue, and its million plus sales in a matter of weeks, have been wandering the streets in a benighted stupor, tugging at their unkempt hair, and shrieking at whomever will …

December 14, 2009

Marcia Hamilton, the Stupak Amendment, and Constitutional Mayhem

My interest was piqued by the title of the article, Why the Stupak Amendment to the Healthcare Reform Bill is Unconstitutional, by Marcia Hamilton. Assuming the title was surely a play on words, as the title is nonsensical in nature, …

December 7, 2009

When Amateurs Run the Country

Filed under: Liberalism, Marxism & Communism - 07 Dec 2009

Can Barack Obama turn around an economy that is incarcerated within the throes of his policies? Can he reverse the double digit unemployment he created?

December 6, 2009

Ruth Marcus, the Health Care Reform Bill, the Commerce Clause, and the Ensuing Nonsensical Result

The health care reform bill that passed the House of Representatives, as well as the language in the Senate’s health care reform bill, have generated an unhealthy and contentious debate regarding the limited versus unlimited powers of the federal government. …

November 19, 2009

Why the World Has to Wait on Barack Obama for the Copenhagen Climate Change Treaty

U.S. President Barack Obama and various world leaders have decided to delay the legally binding climate treaty until at least 2010, with a concessionary tone that alluded to the possibility of delaying beyond 2010. It was argued that legal …

November 12, 2009

How Much Will Pelosi’s Health Care Reform Bill Expand the Government?

Nancy Pelosi’s health care reform bill passed by a margin of 210-205. A razor-thin victory (or was it?), thanks, no less, to her political-genius. The political cost of her bill: a potential sweeping of the 2010 and 2012 elections by …

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