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December 9, 2007

Fugitive Who Attempted to Hijack the Minuteman Project Convicted of Felony

Filed under: Immigration,Politics In General - 09 Dec 2007

Paul Sielski, the fugitive who allegedly masterminded the failed attempt to steal the Minuteman Project last February was convicted yesterday in a Maryland court of crimes relating to his failure to pay arrearages of child support estimated to be approximately …

December 6, 2007

Legal Challenge to Immigration Law Enforcement Dismissed!

Filed under: Courts, The Law & The Judiciary,Immigration - 06 Dec 2007

A federal judge dismissed a lawsuit Friday that challenged a suburban Washington county’s (Virginia) recent effort to clamp down on illegal immigrants, one of the toughest such crackdowns in the country. U.S. District Judge James Cacheris said the plaintiffs …

November 8, 2007

U.S. Farm Worker Shortage? Where?

Filed under: Immigration,Politically Incorrect Reality - 08 Nov 2007

A report just released through the Washington, DC based Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) seriously challenges the boundless myth that there is a shortage of farm workers in the United States. The unsubstantiated claim, espoused by illegal alien …

September 5, 2007

Minutemen National Chapter Recruiting Campaign

Filed under: Immigration - 05 Sep 2007

Jim Gilchrist’s Minuteman Project, Inc. (dba The Minuteman Project), has created a new dimension in the fight to preserve our nation’s sovereignty, heritage, security, prosperity, and stature as a nation governed by the rule of law. The Minuteman Project …

August 3, 2007

Minuteman Project Receives Glowing Financial Audit Report

Filed under: Immigration - 03 Aug 2007

The long-awaited results of a financial audit of the Minuteman Project were presented publicly today with a positive audit report that establishes the integrity of that organization and its president, Jim Gilchrist. The audit firm’s “unqualified” report is the …

July 24, 2007

Storming of the Bastille – First Amendment Style !

Filed under: Immigration - 24 Jul 2007

That is the battle cry being echoed by minutemen and women across the nation in our continued effort to bring national awareness to, and eventual exoneration of, members of U.S. law enforcement that have been systematically singled out for prosecution …

July 23, 2007

Jim Gilchrist to Tour Mississippi

Filed under: Immigration - 23 Jul 2007

Aliso Viejo, CA- Jim Gilchrist, founder of the nationwide volunteer “neighborhood watch” program for the borders of the United States known as the Minuteman Project, will be traveling the state of Mississippi on Monday, July 23, 2007 to find and …

July 17, 2007

Catastrophic Consequences of the “Colonization Act of 2007”

Filed under: Immigration - 17 Jul 2007

The U.S. Senate attempted to deceive the public with its “failed” immigration reform bill by toting it as a rational solution to the chaotic and reckless disregard for U.S. immigration laws. The consequences of ever passing such a bill …

July 11, 2007

Dear American Patriots

Filed under: Immigration - 11 Jul 2007

Dear American Patriots, the Minuteman Project supports all independent Minutemen/women/children organizations and wishes them Godspeed in helping resolve the chaotic illegal alien invasion of the USA. Some day, hopefully soon, we will win the contest we wage with our corrupt …

July 8, 2007

Catastrophic Consequences of the “Colonization Act of 2007″

Filed under: Immigration - 08 Jul 2007

Dear Americans, The U.S. Senate attempted to deceive the public with its “failed” immigration reform bill by toting it as a rational solution to the chaotic and reckless disregard for U.S. immigration laws. The consequences of ever passing such …

July 5, 2007

Hijacker Update

Filed under: Immigration - 05 Jul 2007

Jim Gilchrist, the President and Founder of the Minuteman Project, scored a significant win in Superior Court recently. The Honorable Randell L. Wilkinson handed down a concise and thorough decision on June 6th against Marvin Stewart, Deborah Ann Peterson, …

June 7, 2007

Terrorists Use Mexico To Enter U.S. Says Minutemen

Filed under: Immigration - 07 Jun 2007

Counterterrorism authorities have come to fear that the porous U.S.-Mexico border provides entry into the United States, not only for illegal aliens, but for Islamic terrorists as well. And these same Islamic terrorists may also be using Mexico as …

May 27, 2007

Minutemen Believe Lawmakers Will Face Immigration Backlash

Filed under: Immigration - 27 May 2007

WASHINGTON – The Bush administration and key congressional Democrats and Republicans stepped up their efforts to sell a broad immigration compromise Thursday as lawmakers braced for a public backlash at home.

May 20, 2007

Minuteman Foinder Jim Gilchrist Attacks White House

Filed under: Immigration,The Democrats,The Republicans - 20 May 2007

The Bush administration, trying to win an immigration agreement with Democrats, is backing away from safeguards designed to target businesses that hire illegal aliens and to prevent a repeat of the rampant fraud that resulted from the 1986 amnesty. …

May 19, 2007

Cities Act on Immigration Says Minutemen

Filed under: Immigration - 19 May 2007

In Pennsylvania, 32 municipalities have considered or enacted resolutions – such as making English the official language, cracking down on employers who hire illegal immigrants and punishing landlords who rent to them. In California, 13 cities have passed or considered …

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