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October 27, 2012

Michelle Obama Worried Liberals Too Stupid, Too Dependent To Vote?

It’s a hard life being a liberal. You apparently don’t know how to do anything. Worse, not knowing how to do anything prohibits you from voting for your fellow liberals. Don’t take my word for it. …

October 20, 2012

Everything About Obama’s Presidency Has Been “Not Optimal”

President Obama sure has a way with words. His response to Jon Stewart when asked about the terrorist attacks Benghazi was to say, “‘If four Americans get killed, it’s not optimal.”

The fact is that not much has been “optimal” …

October 13, 2012

The U6 – The Scary Side Of The Unemployment Numbers

Happy days are here again! After four years of trying, unemployment finally dropped below the rate considered to spell doom for President Obama. That rate would be 8%. There were orgasms of joy when it was announced …

October 6, 2012

An Empty Chair Would Have Fared Better

Liberals and their media lap dogs guffawed over Clint Eastwood’s empty chair speech at the Republican’s nominating convention. Yet one thing was certain after Wednesday night’s first debate between President Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney. Laugh all …

September 29, 2012

Romney Needs To Articulate His Plans For Dealing With Interest On Our Debt

So, here we are. It is four years after “Hope and Change”. That slogan proved to only be more psychobabble from a babbling fool who rode the saying right into the White House.

And here we are with Romney, …

September 22, 2012

Trying To Make The Barn Door Fly

We engineers have a saying: “Given enough thrust, even a barn door can fly.”

Now, one does not have to have a PhD in Aerospace Engineering to understand how non-aerodynamic a barn door is. But the saying is indeed true: if …

September 15, 2012

Chicagoland: Useful Idiocy On Display

Eventually liberalism turns on itself and starts eating its own. Evil always does.

If you want to see liberalism devouring itself, Chicago is a great petri dish to observe. There liberals are always pitted against other liberals as they …

September 8, 2012

People of the Government, by the Government, for the Government?

Certain truths are undeniable. The sun will rise in the east and set in the west. If you plant a peach seed, you will get a peach tree and not an apple tree. Telemarketers will always call you, despite being …

September 1, 2012

GM’s Volt Powerless To Resist Market Forces

GM has announced that it is shutting down and retooling the plant making their Chevy Volt because they are sitting on a three month backlog of proverbial ugly babies. That’s right, GM has 6,500 of the boondoggles just waiting to …

August 25, 2012

Why, As A Conservative, I Don’t Hold Out Much Hope For Romney/Ryan

I know, I know, it isn’t considered couth to point out the truth about the candidates the GOP opts to run for President. Especially when the “option” is a hard core Marxist like Barack Obama.

August 18, 2012

Liberal Activists/Terrorists Cannot Even Do Activism/Terrorism Right

While the Department of Homeland Security is busy trying to find any relation between terrorism and groups with conservative principles, like the Tea Party, left wing terrorists keep popping up. The latest is Floyd Lee Corkins II who tried to …

August 11, 2012

Sources Say … The Dirt On Barack Obama

So, Obama and his surrogates are out there hurling accusations. No, I’m not surprised. As much as I don’t like Mitt Romney as a candidate, even I have to defend him when the bull crap starts getting tossed …

August 4, 2012

Of Course I’m Intolerant. Aren’t You?

So, now that I’ve endured a week of intolerance at the hands of those who claim to be tolerant, those homosexual activists who are upset that I dared to support Chick-fil-A publicly last week, it’s time to have a serious …

July 28, 2012

It’s The Muppet Show! With Special Guest – Liberal Ideology!

Filed under: In The News,Liberalism, Marxism & Communism - 28 Jul 2012

So, The Jim Henson Company is upset that Chick-fil-A is a company that operates and promotes biblical principles, one of those principles being that marriage actually has a definition. Unfortunately, that definition does not account for man on man or …

July 14, 2012

Obama Ineligible For Presidency, Liberals Argue

I do so love the liberals that torture themselves every week by reading my articles. Last week, they got their panties in a bunch over how, by their own “logic”, they are still supporters of race-based slavery. I …

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