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February 8, 2009

“Citizen of the World” Learns Foreign Leaders Often Hostile to American Interests

Filed under: Politics In General - 08 Feb 2009

From his naive and inexperienced frame of reference, President Obama has operated under the delusion that simply “playing nice” with foreign leaders and declaring himself a citizen of the world could smooth out the messes left by former President George …

Blue Dogs With Red State Values Fight Pelosi’s Spending Orgy!

Filed under: The Democrats - 08 Feb 2009

Blue Dog Democrats, blessed with conservative values are helping to coalesce opposition to Nancy Pelosi’s fascist rule in the U.S. House and her spending orgy disguised as a “stimulus” for job growth.

Defrocking Camelot, One Tax Cheat at a Time

Filed under: Politics In General - 08 Feb 2009

Two weeks ago, Barack Obama gladly accepted the torch of Camelot passed down by John F. Kennedy. Since then, he has dropped the torch several times and disgraced the memory of Camelot, making any comparison to JFK silly and irreverent.

February 7, 2009

To Hell With Trillion Dollar Stimulus: Just Force Democrats to Pay Their Taxes!

Filed under: Taxes & Taxation - 07 Feb 2009

As the Obama experiment continues to fall apart, one tax cheat at a time, the American people continue to wait patiently for answers to the worst economic crisis since the great Depression.

Another “F” for Obama: Performance Czar a Tax Cheat!

Filed under: Taxes & Taxation - 07 Feb 2009

Yet another Obama nominee is in deep dodo because of tax issues.

As reported at Breitbart, in part:

CHANGE in the Way Americans Pay (Not!) Taxes!

Filed under: In The News,Taxes & Taxation - 07 Feb 2009

So, you just ran your 2008 numbers through Turbo-Tax and discovered a brutal truth: There is a huge gap between what you owe in taxes and what you have available to send Timothy Gaithner at Treasury.

February 6, 2009

The Decline and Fall of Obama-Mania

Filed under: Politics In General - 06 Feb 2009

Howls of protest and anguish from those who voted for Barack Obama are starting to pierce a hole in that media-created bubble of naive hope and fairy tale thinking, commonly known as Obamamania.

Rooting for Helen Thomas!

Filed under: Academia, Media & Hollywood - 06 Feb 2009

Helen Thomas of the White House press corps is a staple of American politics. She also sports a face and voice that only a mother could truly love.

Provided said mum happened to be both blind and deaf!

Mexican Government Admits What Many in U.S. Refuse to Accept: English-Proficiency Is Vital!

Far too many Hispanics in America have refused to learn English, preferring instead to retain their “cultural identify” by speaking and writing only Spanish.

As a result, American taxpayers have been forced (by irresponsible leftist bureaucrats) to spend hundreds of millions …

February 4, 2009

For Some Obama Cabinet Picks, Greed Trumps Patriotism

In American politics, higher taxes have become synonymous with the Democrat party, which makes perfect sense since liberals instinctively favor taxes, higher taxes, and more taxes.

To the stereotypical Democrat, higher taxes are always the solution, regardless of how great or …

February 3, 2009

ANOTHER Tax Cheat at the Right Hand of CHANGE?

Filed under: In The News - 03 Feb 2009

Do you suppose that President Obama is a tad bit confused and is operating under the illusion that he was elected Governor of Illinois rather than U.S. President?

If Barack Obama were hiring people to serve under him in governing Illinois, …

Speaking of Irresponsibility & Shame: What About Billions Wasted on Illegal Aliens?

Filed under: In The News - 03 Feb 2009

President Obama, already showing signs of physical and mental fatigue after just 10 days in office, excused himself from the Oval Office game of power Monopoly long enough to zing the same crooks and vultures most likely to benefit from …

Use Economic Stimulus to Bail out American Citizens with Jobs!

Filed under: In The News - 03 Feb 2009

In exchange for being allowed to saddle American citizens with budget deficits of nearly $1 trillion dollars a year for as far as the eye can see, President Obama has promised to create nearly four million jobs.

However, a major question …

February 2, 2009

Brewing Boston Tea in California

Filed under: In The News,Taxes & Taxation - 02 Feb 2009

Rarely has the California Franchise Tax Board saved me money. In fact, I usually end up sending the vipers and crooks running our state a few hundred dollars (or more) in taxes owed around this time of year.

Only a Wuss or Eunuch Would Lament a 100-0 Win!

Filed under: Potpourri - 02 Feb 2009

OK, I can understand starting a third world war over a basketball game that ends 100-0.

That makes perfect sense and is morally and legally justified when one is on the losing team!

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