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July 7, 2006

Paying in Blood for Liberal Arrogance.

If there is one trait that defines Liberalism, it is a hatred for consequences. No matter what the circumstance, Liberals are either trying to ignore, avoid, or blame others for the consequences of their own actions.

June 20, 2006

We Told You So.

For years, Conservatives have been trying to alert Americans and all freedom loving people in the world about the dangers the United Nations poses to individual liberty and democracy. Whether it was “Agenda 21,” the United Nations’ plan for …

June 7, 2006

The 2006 Election Frontrunner Is: None of the Above

Filed under: The Democrats,The Republicans - 07 Jun 2006

Democrats might want to wait a few more months before they order the champagne to celebrate their great 2006 election victory over the Republicans. The ever even handed main stream media gleefully points to President Bush’s low approval ratings …

May 22, 2006

Let’s Treat Taxes Like Immigration.

Remember back to what the immigration issue was about when it began to concern Conservatives. It had nothing to do with racism, guest worker programs, fences along the border, or questions of amnesty. It was about the United …

May 1, 2006

Illegal Immigrants are Stealing Your Identity.

Filed under: Crime and Punishment,Immigration - 01 May 2006

Here is something to say to yourself as you are watching the May 1st illegal immigration protests, “I could be one of them.” Quite literally, you could be. You are probably well aware of the raid by Federal …

April 19, 2006

Whatever Happened to Limited Government?

Filed under: American Government,The Republicans - 19 Apr 2006

For some reason, Republicans are scratching their heads and wondering why their poll numbers are crashing, their public support waning, and the fact they might lose seats in Congress during the mid-term elections. Well, here is a reason or …

April 4, 2006

September 11th at the Movies.

Filed under: War On Terror - 04 Apr 2006

Ever have a conversation with someone who does not want to talk to you about the subject at hand? You know the ones: Why are you asking me for money again? When are you going to get around …

March 23, 2006

Fair Elections, Philly Style.

Living in the Philadelphia area for a decade has taught me a thing or two about what “Philly Style” actually means. For example, in a “Philly style cheesesteak” the cheese is not cheese, but “Cheese Whiz,” the steak is not steak, but shredded beef, and if “Philly” appears anywhere in the name, it is not a “Philly cheesesteak.” A submarine or hero sandwich is either a hoagie or a grinder, unless it has pickles, then it is from “Subway.” Scrapple, pork rolls, and pepper pot soup all taste great as long as you do not know what goes them. Pretzels are not pretzels unless they come all stuck together in a big slab from a street vendor smothered in yellow mustard. A lunch cake is a “Tastycake,” even if it happens to be a “Twinkie.” And, I am still trying to figure out what the difference between a cinnamon roll and a sticky bun is.

March 17, 2006

Partito Nostro: Doing Business with the Clinton Syndicate

In the final years of the Clinton Presidency, Hollywood producer and entrepreneur, Peter Paul, attempted to recruit outgoing President Bill Clinton to take a seat on the Board of Directors of Stan Lee Media, the innovative on-line animation company Paul co-founded in 1999.

February 27, 2006

The Persecuted Muslim Super Race

Filed under: War On Terror - 27 Feb 2006

All the Iraqis fighting and killing each other over the bombing of the 1,200-year-old Askariya shrine in Samarra, Iraq, should all settle down and stop pushing Iraq to the brink of civil war. After all, it was the Jews that blew up the shrine, not radical religious elements within Iraq eager to continue the 1,400-year tradition of Sunni and Shiite Muslims slaughtering each other. At least that is what Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmedinejad and Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khameini say.