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October 9, 2010

Gold vs. $$$$$ … Greed vs. Causation

Filed under: American Economy - 09 Oct 2010

Just how safe is gold and how practical is owning it? This is just a novas’ opinion but I have some questions those persons promoting the purchase of gold aren’t answering. In my city every jewelry store, pawn shop and …

October 6, 2010

Obama, Reid and Pelosi Are Failing America

The architects of the current recession date back to the 1930’s when the Democratic President FDR created the great depression which became the hand book for liberalism and socialism in America. A progressive agenda fails where prosperity thrives these three, …

October 5, 2010

Give Me A Break … A Tax Break

Filed under: Taxes & Taxation - 05 Oct 2010

While the president wastes time on backyard barbeques and congress wastes time on vilifying the Tea Party movement the public spends time worrying what next year’s taxes and IRS regulation will be. The salutation is very clear; don’t increase taxes …

September 30, 2010

Can Republicans Keep A Pledge?

Filed under: Politics In General,The Republicans - 30 Sep 2010

Republicans are introducing a new broad pledge to voters of what to expect from them if / when they take charge of the house and possibly the senate in January 2011. I remember 1994 and the Contract with America, the …

September 27, 2010

Shhhhhh Listen…… God Is Speaking

Filed under: Politics In General - 27 Sep 2010

Every so often God stops by America to check up on things and give a few words of advice. God has a great stake in America it’s perhaps his finest creation out of the billions of others. America was a …

September 23, 2010

The Last Breath Of A Dyeing Majority

Filed under: Liberalism, Marxism & Communism - 23 Sep 2010

Liberalism is for all practical purposes dead. Like so many ideologist they’re not going silently they’re kicking and screaming as if it wasn’t their time. In their eyes it isn’t suicide that’s killing them it’s those murdering conservatives that’s bringing …

September 18, 2010

The Tea Party Is The New Voice Of Conservatism

Filed under: Conservatism & Libertarianism - 18 Sep 2010

The Tea Party movement is as close to Goldwater / Reagan Conservatism as any political ideology can expect to get. Both have a strong belief in the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence as the foundation of a sound government. …

September 16, 2010

What Is A Born Again Conservative

Filed under: Conservatism & Libertarianism - 16 Sep 2010

Politicians thrive on buzz works like Vultures on road kill once the pray show up they all jump on for a meal. This election conservatism has become one of the popular buzz words. Few know what the word conservative stands …

September 9, 2010

Republicans Win Back Congress Then What?

Filed under: The Republicans - 09 Sep 2010

It’s almost a given Republicans will win back the House and possibly the Senate this November. Then what, will they manage things the way congresses have for the past twenty five years or will they grow up and start acting …

September 1, 2010

December 3rd 2010 “National Blame Bush Day”

Filed under: Politics In General - 01 Sep 2010

As a citizen of these United States I am officially designating December 3rd 2010 as Blame Bush Day. The reason I chose December 3rd is to give Democrats a chance to file for recounts and then lick their wounds after …

August 30, 2010

Congress Please Read The Constitution

I wonder if any who run for congress have ever studied the first seven articles in the constitution aside from those often selected amendments politician love to quote or miss-quote as is often the case. Article one section eight paragraph …

August 23, 2010

The Mosque That Will Never Be Built

Filed under: In The News - 23 Aug 2010

The New York Mosque is just one more Obama generated fantasy created to distract voters from his inept performances over the past year and a half. I doubt Obama though it up but he’s latched on it like a Buzzard …

August 21, 2010

Conservative Media Has A New Friend

Filed under: Academia, Media & Hollywood - 21 Aug 2010

The mainstream media seems to finally be taking note of some of Obama’s more serious blunders. Is the mainstream media playing catch up or are they looking to survive. Now that nearly sixty percent of the public has moved away …

August 19, 2010

Why Elect Liars To Congress?

Filed under: Politics In General - 19 Aug 2010

Some say because an honest person wouldn’t put themselves in the position of having their lives exposed where every though and deed is challenged. Every candidate for national office goes into his or her campaign hoping that one embarrassing moment …

August 13, 2010

Federal Law, State Law, People’s Law

Filed under: Politics In General - 13 Aug 2010

Listening to the Beltway Pundits discussing the coming November elections is a lot like trying to follow the logic of Larry Moe and Curly. The right may be little too optimistic on the number of seats they can win in …

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