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August 10, 2010

Wall Street Is Not Main Street

Filed under: Economics,In The News - 10 Aug 2010

Your government with the assistance of the Media is once again painting a rosy picture of a disastrous situation. The fact is the rescission is a long way from being over and not much closer to improving. Wall Street may …

August 4, 2010

Don’t Confuse The Constitution With Politics

The tenth amendment to the constitution reads as follows “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

August 1, 2010

John Boehner [R-Oh], What’s The Plan John

Filed under: The Republicans - 01 Aug 2010

It’s getting dangerously close to November elections and so far the only Republican agenda is media speculation. My local TV is running the same old ads proclaiming how corrupt the other guy is. It hurts like hell to agree with …

July 29, 2010

America Needs To Change

Filed under: Politics In General - 29 Jul 2010

I am constantly asked if I am so discontent with the current president and congress why instead of complying I don’t offer some suggestions. I have to admit that’s a very fair question and it deserves being addressed with a …

July 25, 2010

I Had A Dream

Filed under: American National Security,Immigration - 25 Jul 2010

I dreamt I was walking down the street in Washington DC behind the Congressional office buildings. There in trash containers were all the documents that made this country great. The Declaration of Independence, the constitution, the bill of rights, …

July 20, 2010

Obama And The Uncle Toms

Filed under: History,Politics In General - 20 Jul 2010

I’m sure my comments will be interpreted as racist by some. The fact is they are anything but this is an unpolished journey into today’s truths regarding black / white relations! Blacks shouldn’t be allowed to get away with derogatory …

July 14, 2010

Obama’s New D S A [Divided States of America]

Filed under: Politics In General - 14 Jul 2010

It’s déjà-vu all over again. I recall when the Kennedy brothers John and Robert were president and they purposed all sorts of legislation to finish what Lincoln had started with the abolition of slavery. They were shot down by their …

July 7, 2010

This 4th of July Has Meaning Over The Past

Filed under: American Society & Heritage - 07 Jul 2010

Today is the 4th of July the day we celebrate the birth of our nation. This 4th of July citizens are gathering in mass to affirm the rebirth of our nation. Patriotic citizens across America are gathering in what has …

June 29, 2010

Is Obama Becoming A Bush Lite

Filed under: In The News,Politics In General - 29 Jun 2010

The mainstream media and political pundits from the left went absolutely giddy over Obama putting General Petraeus in charge of the Afghan war. These are the same people who called George Bush an incompliant idiot for making the same decision. …

June 23, 2010

Now I’m Getting Scared

Filed under: Immigration,In The News - 23 Jun 2010

There’s a bill before congress to give the administration a kill switch to shut down the internet. Janet Napolitano says it’s necessary to fight home grown terrorists. This is the same Janet Napolitano Director of Home Land Security who refuses …

June 21, 2010

America Is Becoming Its Own Worst Enemy

Filed under: Politics In General - 21 Jun 2010

… thanks to Barack Hussein [Little Berry Dunham] Obama

For nearly a year and a half President Obama has launched attack after attack on nearly every one of this countries institutions and industrial bases. Barack Obama’s made America …

June 17, 2010

Who Sent Obama And Why?

Filed under: Politics In General - 17 Jun 2010

If Obama was sent to us for divine guidance then something isn’t right. If God sent Obama to make all men and women on this earth economically equal then one would assume he would have sent him when the Neanderthals …

June 15, 2010

Who’s Occupying Whom In The Holy Land

Filed under: Foreign Countries & Policy,History,In The News - 15 Jun 2010

Through shear propaganda orchestrated by the United Nations Israel has become the occupying force in their traditional homeland. Jews have been a part of the Holy Land since fish stood up and walked out of the Sea of Galilee. …

June 10, 2010

Where Is Obama The Magic Dragon

Filed under: Politics In General - 10 Jun 2010

Obama needs one of those roll around chairs advertised on TV he doesn’t seem to be making it on his own two feet these days. These past weeks seem to have been one blunder after another with little or no …

June 9, 2010

These Are Dark Days For Obama

Filed under: Politics In General - 09 Jun 2010

The most telling statement to come out of the Whitehouse in recent weeks was when Obama’s young daughter ask “Daddy why haven’t you plugged that dammed well yet?” [Paraphrased] After a month of avoiding the issue Obama finally …

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