Author: Kevin D. Korenthal



March 4, 2009

Democrats Words Say Diversity but Obama’s Actions Say Discrimination

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LOS ANGELES, CA – It would appear that former Secretary of Labor under President Clinton, Robert Reich knows little about the reality of racial diversity in the union building trades. Reich recently opined, “if construction jobs go mainly to white …

March 2, 2007

“Card Check” Is Just One Reason Unions Are Losing Workers

Secret ballot elections, though not prefect, are the best means with which to insure each man has just one vote. Labor Unions are attempting to justify the removal of free and fair elections in the unionization process. The thinking goes …

July 7, 2006

Democrats Propose Running from Victory

It’s an “open-ended occupation”, the Democrats say. Supporters of the war in Iraq have been called terrorists and baby-killers but liberals ruffle at the idea that they should be blasted for suggesting we withdraw from Iraq before the war is …

April 30, 2006

I Pray Democrats Keep Up The Impeachment Talk

Filed under: The Democrats,The Republicans - 30 Apr 2006

It is a sad reality that Republicans best hope for holding onto control of Congress may be Democrats. Renewed by the idea that a never-before-used and little-known-rule in a supplemental House rules handbook will make impeachment of the President a …