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November 3, 2007

Iran Gearing Up for Additional Strikes on Western World

Filed under: In The News,Iran,War On Terror - 03 Nov 2007

The news media in Iran is stating that the United States by issuing additional sanctions against Iran and declaring it’s suicide Jihad Quds and International Terrorist Group – Is taking the first major steps towards war. Indeed, this is quite …

October 29, 2007

Go to Military Power – To Fight the California Wildfires

Filed under: Current Events - 29 Oct 2007

“It’s just like Iraq out here only no one is shooting at you!” said the Military Pilot of the HS-60 Helicopter assigned to fighting the California Wildfires, which are threatening our cities. Camp Pendleton USMC base has assigned Helicopters and …

October 19, 2007

Hurricane Cover – Dropping Tinfoil to Trick Enemy Radar During Pre-Emptive Strike

Filed under: American Military - 19 Oct 2007

Under cover of the weather has been a tactic used in many human wars in history. Often having such a cover allows for a stealth assault, and robust surprise attack. Indeed, it is tough on the striking party dealing with …

October 16, 2007

Vice President Cheney – The Best Vice President This Country Has Ever Had!

Filed under: Politics In General - 16 Oct 2007

The news reports claim some secret conspiracy of Vice President Cheney wishing to start a war with Iran. In reality we are already at war with Iran, they are coming into Iraq and killing innocent people, US soldiers, politicians and …

October 14, 2007

Strike Iran Immediately and Remove Its Leader and Regime

Filed under: Foreign Countries & Policy,Iran,War On Terror - 14 Oct 2007

Are we getting close to war with Iran? Indeed, we are and still we have many protests against a war that has not even occurred yet right? Wrong actually, that statement is wrong because we are already at war with …

October 11, 2007

Which is More Humane – Limited Strike or Financial Trade War with Iran?

Filed under: War On Terror - 11 Oct 2007

Many folks disturbed at the Iraq War are asking for the US Government to give peace a chance in Iran; “no war” they chant. The truth is no one wants another war, certainly not like the Iraq Conflict. The War …

October 7, 2007

Bitter Vietnam Vets Often Cause Hurtful Statements Detracting From Their Honor, Duty and Service

Often when the discussion of the War in Iraq comes up, a bitter Vietnam Veteran will school a younger member of our society. Unfortunately, they often say ask; “Did you serve in the military?” and when the younger man states; …

October 5, 2007

Should Canada Buy Su-27s, Su-30s – Should the US Give Them the Bone Yard Aircraft?

Filed under: Politics In General - 05 Oct 2007

There are tons of old US fighter aircraft in the desert slowly decaying, most have worn out engines and tired airframes and are no longer very safe. To keep them flying would cost a bundle indeed. Should we give those …

October 1, 2007

Russia Makes Deal to Sell the Father of All Bombs to Iran

Filed under: Foreign Countries & Policy,War On Terror - 01 Oct 2007

The United States does not need Nuclear Weapons to shock and awe anyone, for we now have the MOAB or Mother of All Bombs. Well, Russia recently detonated what they call the FOAB or Father of All Bombs. Isn’t this …

September 25, 2007

Stop Global Warming – Block Sun with Millions of Flying Cars!

Filed under: Radical Environmentalism - 25 Sep 2007

Many of the Science Magazines are talking about crazy ways to stop Global Warming. Some of the ideas put forth are absolutely insane and others plausibly deniable. One member at the “Offline EU Think Tank” suggested that we put forth …

September 24, 2007

Afghanistan PR Tide Turning Against Tyrannical Taliban or Talley Band

Filed under: War On Terror - 24 Sep 2007

At one time the Taliban ruled Afghanistan, today the few that remain are being hunted down, soon there will be none left at all. It appears the Taliban has been defeated by the US Military and Allies and that the …

September 22, 2007

Labor Day National Holiday Should Be Canceled Until Work Ethic Improves

Filed under: Politics In General - 22 Sep 2007

Most people believe that Labor Day is a deserved holiday and that tribute should be given to America’s workers. Indeed, many people work very hard, but not all. It is somewhat interesting that a recent United Nation’s study showed that …

September 17, 2007

President Bush Foregoes the BBQ and Walks the Talk in Iraq

Filed under: War On Terror - 17 Sep 2007

President Bush did not enjoy a family BBQ like the rest of us this labor day, as he was busy doing his job, where in Iraq on a surprise visit. Knowing that my Brother is in Iraq, it gives me …

September 15, 2007

Castro and Osama are for Barraco Obama

Filed under: Politics In General - 15 Sep 2007

Castro speaks with authority to the American People and his statement is clear; VOTE for Barraco Obama. Why you ask? Well several other Democratic Candidates have stated that when Castro dies that they would like to seed democratic rule and …

September 10, 2007

Iran is Trying to Kill My Brother in Iraq

Why is America so afraid to do what must be done? My brother is in Iraq and Iran is supplying weapons to kill US Troops. If the Democrats really care about American lives they would authorize an immediate attack on …

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