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September 8, 2007

The Foresight of Bush

Filed under: War On Terror - 08 Sep 2007

Of all the theories I buy into, none cause so many raised eyebrows and dropped jaws (and patronizing inquiries regarding my sanity) as the one I hold concerning one George W. Bush. With a current approval rating sitting underneath the …

August 19, 2007

By the Way, We’re Winning the War

Filed under: War On Terror - 19 Aug 2007

I’d like to steal your attention away from the endless news reports of dead soldiers and suicide bombers for a moment, if I may. Give me a minute of your time and I promise to let you go right back …

August 13, 2007

America, Can We Talk?

Filed under: Foreign Countries & Policy - 13 Aug 2007

Mind if we have a bit of a chat? I know you are currently a little busy, what with the constant threat of a repeat of 9/11 and having to deal with Nancy Pelosi as Speaker, but there are a …

July 28, 2007

The Cult of Gore

I can see it: Back in the spring of 2001, after all of the Florida counts and recounts (and recounts) were exhausted, a plan was hatched. The goal was to use the power of ‘trend’ to reinvent former Vice President …

May 18, 2007

Canadians Ignorant re: Afghanistan War

Filed under: War On Terror - 18 May 2007

Canadians support for our involvement in the Afghanistan war has fluctuated greatly since the campaign began. While everyone claims to ‘support the troops’, not all are in favor of the continued presence of our military in the war-torn nation. The …

April 4, 2007

No More Foreplay

Days are now passing into weeks for the 15 British soldiers being held hostage by Iran, and while they sit in their dank, cold cells, the world’s politicos argue and babble in an endless circle of futility. Naturally, the …

February 19, 2007

Latest Threat Close to Home

Filed under: War On Terror - 19 Feb 2007

I fear a future ‘I told you so’ moment forming. For a while now, myself and other like-minded writers have been warning that Canadians have been taking the threat of terrorism much too lightly. I have experienced examples of the …

February 3, 2007

Alberta: America’s New Best Friend

President Kennedy said it. Nixon, too. As well as Ford, Carter, Reagan, Clinton, and both Bushes. As far back as the days of Ike in the White House the promise to lessen the United State’s dependence on foreign oil has …

January 11, 2007

The New Iraq Quagmire

Filed under: The Democrats,The Republicans,War On Terror - 11 Jan 2007

California Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi (D – CA) has taken her position as the first female Speaker of the House, and has officially ushered in a new Democratic era in American politics. The days of top-to-bottom Republican control is now over, …

September 16, 2006

An Open Letter to America

Filed under: Foreign Countries & Policy,War On Terror - 16 Sep 2006

Recent polls taken in my country have suggested that some shocking attitudes are permeating throughout Canada. Not only is a slim majority of people against our involvement in the Afghanistan war, but now comes word that an unbelievable 85% …

March 20, 2006

Why I (Still) Love America

Filed under: Politics In General - 20 Mar 2006

A strange thing is happening to conservative Canadians these days. For the first time ever, many right of centre voters are speaking out publicly against an American Republican government. While still basking in the afterglow of a minority federal Conservative victory, some supporters seem compelled to add the additional ‘…but I wouldn’t vote for Bush’ catch phrase that is in fashion north of the border.

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