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November 12, 2010

As election day drew near, where was the president’s apology to the American people?

Filed under: Politics In General - 12 Nov 2010

As the Nov. 2 election drew near, I went over in my mind what it was that made me a Republican. Contrary to the way the mainstream media tries to portray Republicans, we do love our country and prize the …

October 24, 2010

Submitt Issues analysis Oh happy day By Marie Jon…

Filed under: J.J. Jackson's Opinion,Politics In General - 24 Oct 2010

Rush Limbaugh recently played a song on his radio talk show to remind us that there was a time of innocence. The song had made the top ten on America’s Billboard list and remained there for many months. …

August 24, 2010

Rise up! We’re restoring honor

America will not survive the political and social trials that are to come if we are not engaged in the fight to protect our Judeo-Christian beliefs and our American way of life. We do not want to become a socialist …

August 2, 2010

Nothing is normal in our country anymore

Filed under: Politics In General - 02 Aug 2010

Americans need to realize the damage that racial manipulation has done to our country. The blame can be put squarely on the Democratic Party. They have used racism for political gain since the days of the Ku Klux Klan. Let’s …

June 24, 2010

I’ve been thinking about the way the president takes care of America

Filed under: Politics In General - 24 Jun 2010

I’ve been thinking and thinking about the way President Barack Obama has been taking care of our country. And my emotional reaction has been one of sadness, anger, shock, disgust, and dismay.

June 1, 2010

Social Justice pastors, your chickens will come home to roost

When clergy knowingly become involved in an unscriptural heresy called Social Justice, they have sinned against God. It does not matter what denomination is tainted by this false theology, the results will be the same. The Bible says there will …

April 24, 2010

America is sending this regime packing

Filed under: Politics In General - 24 Apr 2010

The American people intend to send President Barack Obama packing in 2012.

The Obama regime is headed up by the most radical president America has ever had the misfortune to endure. It’s pretty much a given that Obama will be forced …

March 4, 2010

What we need is a change of heart that is faithful, true, and enduring

Filed under: Religion & Faith - 04 Mar 2010

At one point in my grandfather’s young life, he found himself to be a very unhappy man. He became angrier and angrier with every passing day. He knew he had a problem, but he wasn’t about to admit it to …

February 9, 2010

The president must lead America conservatively

Filed under: Politics In General - 09 Feb 2010

President Barack Obama stood before Congress and the American people just a little over a week ago to deliver his State of the Union Address — but his words still resound as nothing more than the tirade of a spoiled, …

October 26, 2009

Where the Marxist “Social Gospel” and the Bible part company

It is said that history always repeats itself one way or another. Nothing could be truer.

For instance, look at what is taking place in our country today. Most Americans know that President Barack Obama and his czars are greatly influenced …

September 30, 2009

He is giving us plenty of warning signs — Christ is coming again

Filed under: Religion & Faith - 30 Sep 2009

While trying to make sense of our world’s current political and social disarray, many are led to believe that something extraordinary is about to happen. We could use some good news for a change.

September 13, 2009

We are coming: The president has more than Glenn Beck to reckon with

There has been a huge surge in the influence of the Glenn Beck Show on Fox News. Beck has become one of the airwaves’ premiere conservatives.

Be gratified that there lives such a patriot among us.

August 25, 2009

We The People

Filed under: Politics In General - 25 Aug 2009

President Barack Obama, you’ve overwhelmed “We The People.” Since you were given the prestige of the highest office in the land, there has not been one day of peace or tranquility for the citizens of our country. Many Americans are …

August 5, 2009

Obama’s Advance Care Planning: code words for ‘euthanasia’

President Barack Obama has proposed that every American’s medical records be set before mindless bureaucrats who will determine their fate. The eyes of scrutiny have been set into motion, and the American public had best beware. This is not about …

July 16, 2009

If Christians fail, America will also

Filed under: American Society & Heritage,Religion & Faith - 16 Jul 2009

Our Christian beliefs have been trampled upon to the point that they do not have the positive impact they should upon our nation or our personal lives. There are far too many Christians who are still drinking doctrinal “milk” and …

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