Author: Michael Nevin, Jr.



April 26, 2007

After-Action Review of Rampage Killings

Filed under: American Society & Heritage - 26 Apr 2007

I won’t soon forget the chaos that ensued on June 28, 2003 shortly after beginning my shift and hitting the streets. And I don’t suppose any other first responder that day will forget it either. A 53-year-old man …

October 9, 2006

Real Security and Real Voting in the War on Islamic Terror

“We have to get back to the place we were, where terrorists are not the focus of our lives, but they’re a nuisance,” John Kerry explained during the 2004 presidential campaign. “As a former law-enforcement person, I know we’re …

July 29, 2006

Liberalism and National Security-The Ultimate Dichotomy

The evidence is continuing to mount but it seems clear that modern liberalism is at odds with national security. Whether they sit on the Supreme Court, occupy a seat in Congress, or publish some of our nation’s largest newspapers, …

July 3, 2006

A Father’s Advice

Dear Jake, You have just turned two-years-old and are several years away from reading this letter, but life moves quick, so I wanted to spend a moment to share with you some famous words of wisdom mixed in with your …

June 7, 2006

Rage and Reason in the War on Terror

Filed under: War On Terror - 07 Jun 2006

For the better part of two decades America had a flaccid response to Islamic terror campaigns bent on destroying our civilization. Beginning with the American embassy hostage crisis in Iran and followed by the military pullout in Lebanon after …