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April 11, 2009

ACORN and other Left-Wing Groups to Disrupt Tea Parties

Filed under: In The News,Taxes & Taxation - 11 Apr 2009

Although this is what has come to be expected from the anti-first amendment Left, on 7 April Fox News’ Neil Cavuto reported that Barack Obama’s group ACORN, members and readers of the far Left blog “Huffington Post” and other left-wing …

April 4, 2009

Obama Begins Turnover of USA Sovereignty to International Body

Filed under: Economics,Foreign Countries & Policy - 04 Apr 2009

Moving as quickly as he can to gut the USA and then divide its body parts amongst like-minded globalists, the USA’s Supreme Leader Barack Hussein Obama used the G-20 conference to begin his turnover of USA sovereignty to said internationalists …

March 31, 2009

Obama Officially Terminates USA Free Enterprise

Filed under: Economics,Liberalism, Marxism & Communism - 31 Mar 2009

On Friday 27 March 2009, the USA’s ostensible leader Barack Hussein Obama fired General Motors’ CEO Rick Wagoner. Whether you like Wagoner or not, with this act Obama has effectively announced the official beginning of the end to free enterprise …

March 26, 2009

Obama Administration Begins the End of Private Enterprise?

Filed under: Liberalism, Marxism & Communism - 26 Mar 2009

In yet another unprecedented move, the Obama Administration is asking Congress for extraordinary and unconstitutional broad powers to take over private enterprise companies. I and others have warned that this would happen, as Obama and his Congressional adherents not only …

March 21, 2009

Are Congress and Obama Deliberately Inciting a New US Civil War?

With the events that have transpired over the last 58 days—since Obama and his adherents commandeered the US presidency—fear is now becoming the order of each and every day for many of We-the-People. A couple of days ago, I wrote …

March 19, 2009

First Fifty-Six Days: What Obama Hath Wrought

Filed under: In The News - 19 Mar 2009

The first fifty-six days of the Obama presidency have been—to put it mildly—planned frenzy. Frenzy in an attempt to keep We-the-People from knowing what’s really going on (chaos is a tyrant’s friend) and planned because it was! Just some of …

March 9, 2009

Confused by Obama’s Planned Obliteration of USA?

Fearless Leader Obama is on a purposeful and unapologetic mission to destroy the United States of America. I have written myriad articles on this subject—both before and after the election of Barack Hussein Obama to POTUS (a position for which …

March 8, 2009

Obama White House: Extravagance, Secrecy and Enemies Lists

It has long been rumored about ancient Rome that, at gala dinner parties, wealthy patricians used to vomit between food courses in order to make room for more. This practice, considered to be the epitome of gluttony, appears to have …

March 4, 2009

Confused by Obama’s Planned Obliteration of USA?

Filed under: Liberalism, Marxism & Communism - 04 Mar 2009

Fearless Leader Obama is on a purposeful and unapologetic mission to destroy the United States of America. I have written myriad articles on this subject—both before and after the election of Barack Hussein Obama to POTUS (a position for which …

February 21, 2009

Obama Destroying the USA to rebuild it in his own image?

Filed under: Economics,Politically Incorrect Reality - 21 Feb 2009

It’s amazing to me that so many talking heads who seem befuddled as to what Obama is actually attempting to accomplish with his bound-to-fail stimulus bill cannot seem to see the forest for the trees. To put it another way, …

February 12, 2009

Stimulus Bill: Democrats Calling for Elimination of Senior Citizens?

Covertly slipped into GL Obama’s faux “stimulus bill” last weekend—by leftist Democrats—was the Socialist Universal Healthcare program. Contained within the bill is the provision that doctors will now be forced to report any and all of their patient treatments to …

February 9, 2009

Obama and Congress Vow to Shove Treasury Theft down Voters’ Throats

Filed under: Politics In General - 09 Feb 2009

In the greatest of all thefts in American history, GL (“great leader”) Obama and his Democrat-run Congress are operating solely on their own counsel. The will of the American people—the majority of whom are against this ever-rising soon-to-be over trillion …

February 1, 2009

Obama’s Destruction of the USA Shifts into High Gear

Filed under: Politics In General - 01 Feb 2009

Before our very eyes—no longer hidden in dark corners—the greatest economic theft in history is occurring. And the same individuals who are largely—if not completely—responsible for the US’ economic downturn (does anyone still remember the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac …

January 15, 2009

George W. Bush—the Last US President?

Filed under: Politics In General - 15 Jan 2009

Will George W. Bush end up being the last true US President? Increasingly, it seems that he just may. As lawsuits against President-elect Barack Hussein Obama—questioning his US citizenship—continue to grow, he ever more adamantly continues his refusal to produce …

December 30, 2008

Israel Told No Viable Self Defense Allowed—Again

Filed under: Foreign Countries & Policy,War On Terror - 30 Dec 2008

For months and now years, terrorist Hamas has launched rockets against Israel on an almost daily basis. The worldwide leftist and Islamic media barely notice or actively ignore these attacks. As has become the usual world leftist expectation—if not demand—Israel …

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