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November 8, 2011

Ballot Measure Boondoggle – High Speed Rail Costs Balloon to $100 Billion

Nearly $100 billion. That’s what High Speed Rail is now going to cost California taxpayers – more than double the costs initially promised by the proponents of Prop 1A, which contained the initial taxpayer financing for the project.

January 4, 2007

Trial Lawyers Hide Behind A Bodyguard of Lies

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Winston Churchill famously said, “In wartime, truth is so precious that she should always be attended by a bodyguard of lies.” When it comes to trial lawyers and the lengths they’ll to justify their predations, it can be said “lies …

October 25, 2006


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This October marks the fifth anniversary of another terrorist attack against the United States. While the horrors of 9/11 are etched in our collective memories, the Anthrax attacks of October 2001 are a faint memory and something we need …

October 3, 2006

From Congress To City Hall, Term Limits Are Always A Good Idea.

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Our founding fathers envisioned an America with a citizen-Government, not professional politicians that spend some or all of their working lives earning their fortunes as legislators. The idea was simple .. each state, district, town would be managed by …

August 27, 2006

West Virgina County Feels The Pain of Lawyers, Greed

Across the United States there has been an explosion of litigation. People act as if they have won the lottery whenever their car gets tapped from behind or if a doctor, dentist, employer, or whoever, makes a mistake, big …

June 11, 2006

The Morning After

Nancy Pelosi needs to hold off measuring the drapes in the speaker’s office. The alphabet channels, New York Times editorial staff and the rest of the main stream media can put that bottle of Dom Perignon back into the …