Author: Vincent Fiore



March 30, 2006

They Shoot Old Reporters, Don’t They?

Filed under: Academia, Media & Hollywood,War On Terror - 30 Mar 2006

You have to laugh when you see once-upon-a-time UPI reporter Helen Thomas. A creviced stump of a woman, she nevertheless goes toe to toe with anyone in the White House that happens to bare the initials “GOP.”

March 16, 2006

Of Elections, Ports, and Political Posturing

Filed under: Politics In General,War On Terror - 16 Mar 2006

Regarding the recent misadventures of the Bush administration in relation to the running of several U.S. ports by a United Arab Emirates (UAE) company, here is a scenario that some on the left have breathlessly chattered on about:

While Cindy Sheehan and the Washington press pool were camped out on the Texas prairie last August, Karl Rove was busy.

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