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January 29, 2011

Blood Money: The Economics of the Abortion Industry

On this 38th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, one aspect that the pro-life community must continually remind our fellow countrymen of is the economics of the abortion industry. Similar to a successful corporation, the billion dollar infanticide business is …

January 23, 2011

The Unthinkable is Never a Solution

African Americans the Target of Planned Parenthood

January is National Sanctity of Human Life Month and that means a dedicated focus on life ethics, facts and laws, such as Roe v. Wade.

November 10, 2010

A Message to Neal Boortz

Filed under: Abortion,Politically Incorrect Reality - 10 Nov 2010

On his November 2 broadcast, radio talk show host Neal Boortz was celebrating the coming tsunami, crediting the Tea Party focus on taxes, the budget and big government in general. Boortz applauded the movement for not focusing on such …

November 7, 2010

A Thumb in Leviathan’s Eye

By: John Zmirak

Pundits are still analyzing the outcome of last night’s elections, and it will take months to figure out what Americans’ votes will mean in terms of policy. Myself, I’m actually relieved that Republicans didn’t win both houses of …

October 30, 2010

ALIPAC Rebukes Democratic Leadership Reversing Endorsements in NC and GA

Filed under: Abortion - 30 Oct 2010

Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC) is reversing two endorsements in highly contested congressional districts today, to rebuke the national Democratic leadership for promising Amnesty to illegal immigrants, deploying illegal aliens as election workers, and enticing illegals to vote in …

October 24, 2010

Why It’s Absurd to Deny Obama’s Healthcare Bill Contains Abortion Funding

With the decision of the Ohio Elections Commission to allow a hearing to decide whether the Susan B. Anthony List has falsely represented the voting record of Rep. Steve Driehaus (D-OH), the question is again raised: Was abortion funding authorized by …

October 12, 2010

The Real Seamless Garment

Filed under: Abortion,Immigration - 12 Oct 2010

By: John Zmirak

Last week, an earnest Catholic commentator over at the Catholic Key Blog mourned the fact that House Democrats had spoiled the chances for “immigration reform” by linking the issue to unrelated matters that scared off supporters, tainting the …

October 5, 2010

If We Become Like Them, Will They Like Us?

Filed under: Abortion,Religion & Faith - 05 Oct 2010

Hardly a day goes by when I fail to see some news report or op-ed on the advisability of the Catholic Church to end the male-only priesthood, the mandatory celibacy requirement, the ban on contraception and abortion, or its view …

September 28, 2010

The Catholic Tea Kettle Continues to Boil

Filed under: Abortion,Politics In General,Religion & Faith - 28 Sep 2010

Over the past two weeks, I’ve had extensive discussions with a wide group of Catholic leaders about the state of the Church in the United States. The frustration and impatience among Catholics, which I discussed last February in “Is It …

September 10, 2010

Fake Catholic Groups Change Tactics

Filed under: Abortion,Myths & Lies - 10 Sep 2010

By: Anne Hendershott

This year’s election season promises ever greater challenges to the fake Catholic political groups. Catholics United and Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good seem to be running out of ideas for how to convince Catholics to vote …

June 10, 2010

God Weeps

Filed under: Abortion - 10 Jun 2010

I believe there are times when God weeps for men. Men are cruel, wasteful creatures; uncaring much of the time except in selfish pursuits.

May 27, 2010

Nancy Pelosi is at it again…Part III

On Monday, Catholic Advocate alerted our community to an event that took place last week – “The Obama Catholic Coalition Meets in D.C.”

Now, the folks at Cybercast News Service have obtained video of Speaker Nancy Pelosi discussing immigration reform during …

May 25, 2010

There’s Limbaugh, Coulter, Palin; then Me!

First: let’s call me a racist. I dislike illegal immigration. I dislike people from other countries ignoring American immigration laws, jumping my borders, sucking at the socialist teat and living off the thousands of dollars taken out of my paycheck …

May 21, 2010

The Black Church’s Commitment To Obama

Dear Black Church,

What I am about to say will probably anger you. As a black Christian, I have struggled with whether or not to address this sensitive topic. I only ask that you give my statements prayerful consideration.

May 18, 2010

Sister Carol Keehan Misrepresents Her Support of the Health-Care Bill

Filed under: Abortion,Religion & Faith - 18 May 2010

Sr. Carol Keehan responded to the standing ovation she received at a gathering of Obama’s Catholic coalition by making a very strange claim about her support of the recent health-care legislation signed by President Barack Obama.

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