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March 27, 2013

CPAC 2013 Stands With Rand

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The 40th annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) held this week in National Harbor, just across the river from Washington, DC, did not appear to be a depressed gathering of Republicans and conservatives still reeling from last November’s presidential loss. …

March 19, 2013

Rand Paul Confirms There is Always Hope

Courageous Tea Party Senator Rand Paul confirmed my statement that no one can foresee the future well enough to be totally fatalistic. Since the presidential election, discouraged patriots have been saying we have lost the country. Obama holds all the …

March 13, 2013

We Need Laws Against Government Not the People

“…this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom— and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.”

What do you fear? What are you most afraid of? My greatest …

March 12, 2013

Tea Party: Come Together

Hello there friends. I know some of you may not even be a member of, or even supportive of, the Tea Party movement – but I also know that many of you are. Therefore, I …

March 7, 2013

Republic or Empire?

Historians spend their lives looking backwards. Futurists spend their lives looking forward. My goal has been to blend the two disciplines into one seamless panorama. For if you don’t know the past you have no context for the …

March 1, 2013

We Are Doomed

It doesn’t look good for conservatism in America. Despite conservatives controlling the House of Representatives and thirty of the governorships the case can be made that conservatism is on life support, and it’s not a hard case to make. The …

February 19, 2013

Yes Rush, There IS Resistance to Obama!

Filed under: Conservatism & Libertarianism - 19 Feb 2013

Rush Limbaugh said something extremely profound at the end of his depressing monologue in which he declared that there is no resistance to Obama. Rush said sooner or later something will turn it around. It always does.

February 18, 2013

Thinking About Think Tanks: Which Are the Best?

By Dr. Alejandro A. Chafuen

Editor’s note: A version of this article first appeared at

The history of the London exchange dates back to 1698. John Castaing, a pioneer of a Starbucks of sorts, started listing stock and commodity …

February 3, 2013

Obama 2013 Inaugural Speech – The Violable Vision of the Un-vetted

The Liberal’s Opinion

Within hours of Barack Obama’s inaugural speech varying opinions fell like a hard rain in the jungle. Chris Matthews wasted no time comparing Obama’s 2095 word speech to Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address. Matthews did not say, as at other …

February 2, 2013

America’s Future is Bleak

Conservatives, seeing themselves as the heirs to Reagan, like to constantly point out that Reagan was an optimist and we should be as well. The problem is, I’ve never been a very good optimist. I grew up in a family …

January 20, 2013

Conservative Pacifists in the Culture War Part 2

Christ was no doubt on to something when He limited His public ministry to three years. Any longer and a mere human may forget what he said before or, even worse, lose enthusiasm for an earlier message as the culture …

January 3, 2013

Won’t You Come Home Bill Bolling?

Virginia’s Lt. Governor Bill Bolling is going to have to lose a considerable amount of weight and drastically increase his time on the tanning bed to physically resemble Charlie Crist, but Bolling’s ideological transformation is coming along nicely.

For those who …

January 2, 2013

Conservatives Must Not Seek All Low Info Voters

Some low info voters get their rocks off just thinking about Obama taxing the rich. News flash idiots, if Obama taxed the rich at 100%, taking every cent of their wealth, it would fuel our economy for less than a …

December 29, 2012

Robert Bork and Grove City College

By Dr. John A. Sparks

On a dark February afternoon in 1988, 25 students in a U.S. Constitutional History class waited expectantly in a little-used dining hall on the campus of Grove City College (in Grove City, Pennsylvania) for a …

December 23, 2012

Conservatives Rationalize as America Circles the Drain

It’s often hard to accept the truth, especially when that truth is scary, when reality seems to offer you no solutions, only poison from which to pick.

It’s as with a man I once knew who insisted it couldn’t be proven …

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