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January 9, 2012

Can Santorum Win it?

I like Rick Santorum. He was a solid conservative voice in the Senate, an unapologetic advocate for the unborn, and a believer that the family is the most important thing in society. His book, unsurprisingly entitled “It Takes a Family” …

December 13, 2011

Presidential Race 2012: Imperfect Conservatives Need Not Apply.

The criteria embraced by the liberal media, Democrats and some conservatives for selecting the 2012 Republican presidential nominee is quite clear. Imperfect conservatives need not apply. Conservative presidential candidates must have been born yesterday; not having lived long enough to …

December 10, 2011

The Fall of Herman Cain: A Conservative’s Lament

There is not much original left to say. No, it is not fair that the media has taken out yet another charismatic conservative. Yes, the media actively promoted its preferred candidate, Barack Obama, in 2008, with very little …

November 30, 2011

Conservatism 101 For Those Not Paying Attention.

You and I are politically well informed. But there are many Americans like my family who do not follow politics as closely as we do. Their political views are shaped by liberal media bias hit pieces, spin and sound bites.

November 19, 2011

A Man or a Mob?

Will America’s character ultimately be defined by the rabid ME! ME! ME! mentality of a teeming mob or by the solemn determination of one man to stand on principle when the best career advice would probably tell him to do …

November 5, 2011

Fearful Intellectual Conservative Syndrome

I was stunned when conservative author Ann Coulter endorsed Mitt Romney for president. I love Ann. I even named her in my tribute song honoring Conservative women, “Our Girls”.

October 13, 2011

Getting America Back on the Tracks

In a recent article in this journal, I argued that the United States has increasingly abandoned the basic principles upon which our nation was founded. I pointed out three strains around which those principles were organized: political, moral and idealistic. …

October 4, 2011

Lloyd Marcus Defends Tea Party on Fox & Friends

Filed under: Conservatism & Libertarianism - 04 Oct 2011

Tuesday, I flew up to New York from Florida to appear on a Wednesday 7:15am segment on the Fox News channel’s Fox & Friends. Typically, CNN & Fox send a car to drive me to a studio in Orlando. This …

September 21, 2011

America’s Mark Twain Conservatives

Filed under: Conservatism & Libertarianism - 21 Sep 2011

Attempting to categorize conservatism in the 21st century runs the risk of plunging into the briar patch of academic labeling or the fever swamp of left-wing vitriol. In the first category, one finds such designations as conservatism, neo-conservatism, and paleo-conservatism, …

September 12, 2011

Rick Perry the Heretic

Whenever mainstream pundits identify a conservative as a Christian, brace yourself, the ax is about to fall. Even some right-wingers sneer that Rick Perry is Christian, and, if confrontation appears imminent, they all hide behind their solemn veneer of looking …

August 24, 2011

A New Media Slant Detector

I formerly believed reporters don’t tell the public what to think. Instead, they tell the public what to think about — as if that made claiming “objectivity” while misusing your influence an acceptable practice.

August 20, 2011

Beware The Mexican Strawberries?

I get into a lot arguments with conservatives over very non-conservative causes they believe in. For some reason there are just some conservatives who do not have a problem with certain unconstitutional acts. And just like liberals do, they …

August 16, 2011

Is Government a Moral Idea?

Thomas Paine once wrote that: “Government is, at its very best, a necessary evil; at it’s worst an intolerable one.” There is a lot of wisdom in that phrase. It’s something that every American should think about. Especially now, in …

August 14, 2011

The Kansas Conservative Movement: A Realization of Power and Responsibility

Filed under: Conservatism & Libertarianism - 14 Aug 2011

If you have ever watched a “super hero” movie you will hear at some point the cautionary warning that, “With great power comes great responsibility.” Those are wise words indeed but what if an individual doesn’t know that he or …

July 3, 2011

Government Needs to be Put in its Place

When you get right down to it you can divide all of political philosophy into two camps: one believes that the state should control the individual, the other believes that the individual should control the state. Our founding fathers were …

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