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July 9, 2012

Refresh My Memory; Is Justice Kennedy the Wobbly One?

Last Thursday dawned bright and clear. It was shaping up to be a great day for conservatives. More than one observer — waiting for the Obamacare decision outside the Supreme Court — noticed aircraft coming in low on the horizon. …

General Welfare Fraud: Roberts creates a tax loophole

It’s fitting that the Supreme Court handed down its Obamacare ruling the same week that it threw out the “stolen valor” law against falsely claiming military decorations, because it has now enabled unconstitutional federal power grabs to go around masquerading …

July 8, 2012

Liberals Should Be Calling For Slavery To Be Reinstituted

Liberals are overjoyed. It doesn’t happen much, I know. Liberals are usually so dour and cranky, complaining about how evil capitalists are keeping them down. However, with Chief Justice Roberts ignoring the Constitution to find Obamacare constitutional, …

How We Lost Our Constitutional Republic

Filed under: Constitution & Bill of Rights - 08 Jul 2012

Then the Lord appeared to Chief Justice Roberts and said, “The outrage of America is so great, and their sin is so grave! No longer are there any Americans who love and believe in the Constitution. Therefore be warned, …

July 6, 2012

The “Taxing Clause”, Five Lawless Judges, and obamacare.

Our federal Constitution is one of enumerated powers only. This means that WE THE PEOPLE, who ordained and established the Constitution, listed therein every power We delegated to the federal government. If We didn’t list a power, the federal …

Why Justice Roberts deserves a severe punishment (Obamacare)

Filed under: Constitution & Bill of Rights,History - 06 Jul 2012

By: Johnwk

There is perhaps no greater tyranny then when a Justice of our Supreme Court, charged with enforcing our written Constitution, uses their office of public trust to side with and defend domestic enemies who work to seditiously overturn …

Constitution? What Constitution?

Do you ever talk back to people on radio and TV? I do! Just as often, I shake my head in disbelief, and ask (rhetorically), “Where did these people come from?”

No, contrary to what some readers want to believe, I’m …

July 4, 2012

The awakened giant likes tea

It’s often said, “Be careful what you wish for – you just might get it.”

Democrats got it all right.

U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts – once counted among the constitutional originalists on the high court – has granted President …

July 3, 2012

The Real Answer to Obamacare

Obamacare is now constitutional. At least that is what the majority of the highest ruling body in this land has stated. And the Supreme Court is the lone group who determines what is and what is not constitutional. But what …

June 26, 2012

Why the House Must Impeach President Obama

In America today just like in Lake Woebegone every child is above average and every child gets a trophy. We may score low in international grade comparisons but we rank number one in self-esteem. In other words American …

June 22, 2012

The Biblical Foundation of Our Constitution

The English Puritans who came here in the 1630s knew that the Old Testament has a great deal to say about civil government. And they came to build that shining city on a hill.

They did not come here to escape …

June 10, 2012

Does Our President Need to be a Veteran?

The left is trying to make an issue of the fact that Mitt Romney didn’t serve in the U.S. military, instead of going to the jungles of South Vietnam he went to France to be a missionary. Steve Peoples, of …

June 5, 2012

We of Little Faith In Government

While I hate to admit it, my faith in any legitimate function of our government entities is at the lowest ebb I have ever imagined it could reach.

While I still have respect for true constitutionally appropriate laws, orders, rules and …

May 27, 2012

Constitutionally Questionable Laws, Orders, Rules, or Regulations

While I am not a licensed attorney, I believe I am capable of reading constitutional, statutory, and/or case laws and pretty well comprehend the meanings contained within these documents. Unfortunately, through the use of constitutionally questionable laws, orders, or regulations, …

May 16, 2012

Harvard Law, the Commerce Clause, and the Obamacare Mandate

Harvard Law School Professor Einer Elhauge published an article in The New Republic titled, “If Health Insurance Mandates Are Unconstitutional, Why Did the Founding Fathers Back Them?” The foundation of his argument is the belief that the Militia Act of …

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