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March 19, 2013

Mexican narco-terrorist indicted by feds in Virginia

A federal grand jury has indicted a suspected Mexican narcotics kingpin who is an alleged power-broker for the prolifically violent Sinaloa drug cartel, U.S. Justice Department officials announced on Friday. Damaso Lopez Nunez was originally indicted in November 2012 by …

January 12, 2013

You Never See Mass Shootings At Gun Shows, Tea Party Rallies, Or NRA Meetings

Liberals think guns are the reason why we have mass murder in our schools (Newtown, Connecticut) and movie theaters (Aurora, Colorado). And now they are pushing hard to see how much of our second amendment rights they can strip …

December 23, 2012

New Mexican president unveils his new law and order strategy

Newly elected Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto announced on Monday his new security and public safety strategy, which “focuses on the transformation of law enforcement institutions and crime prevention.”

Pena Nieto took office on Dec. 1, 2012, in a …

December 17, 2012

U.S. law officers arrest dozens of foreign ex-cons in Los Angeles

Filed under: Crime and Punishment,Immigration - 17 Dec 2012

In spite of city government officials in Los Angeles, Calif., insisting on maintaining a so-called “sanctuary city” for illegal aliens, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) reported on Monday that its law enforcement agents arrested 37 foreigners with prior convictions for …

November 17, 2012

EPA Secret Emails

Federal law requires executive branch personnel to use government email accounts to conduct official business.

Any employee who conducts government business on personal email accounts must make those accounts available [44 U.S.C. § 3302] to their agency [White House Circular …

October 10, 2012

Obama’s purchase of prison to house Gitmo terrorists angers lawmaker

Filed under: Crime and Punishment,War On Terror - 10 Oct 2012

On Thursday, the day after Obama’s poor showing during his debate with GOP opponent Mitt Romney, Rep. Peter T. King (R-NY), Chairman of the Committee on Homeland Security, slammed President Barack Obama over his Administration’s decision to purchase a Thomson, …

September 29, 2012

Obama promulgates lie about Fast and Furious snafu, police say

Filed under: Crime and Punishment,In The News,Myths & Lies - 29 Sep 2012

In response to the Department of Justice Inspector General’s report on the ATF gun-smuggling scheme known as Operation Fast and Furious on Wednesday, while on the campaign trail President Barack Obama once again blamed George W. Bush for the deadly …

September 11, 2012

Social Security: Issuing Checks & Hollow–Points

Filed under: Crime and Punishment,Current Events,In The News - 11 Sep 2012

Some of the more excitable members of the conservative Internet commentariat sounded battle stations when they learned the Social Security Administration (SSA) wanted to buy 174,000 hollow–point bullets.

Had granny decided she was not going passively the next time Paul Ryan …

September 4, 2012

Is it an Akins Diet? Or is it just Plain Vanilla Rape?

Filed under: Abortion,Crime and Punishment - 04 Sep 2012

One of the problems with rape is that there are no real statistics. They are pretty much make-believe. So we will take a shot at the discussion of rape. Looking at the 1994 statistics we begin to get some kind …

July 14, 2012

Colombia’s new Justice Minister faces uphill battle with narco-terrorists

On Friday, Colombia’s President Juan M. Santos appointed popular attorney and law professor Ruth Stella Correa as the nation’s Justice Minister, according to a source at the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration.

July 7, 2012

Arrest Eric Holder

The House has voted overwhelmingly to hold Eric Holder in contempt of Congress for withholding documents on the Fast and Furious scandal, but where do we go from here? Not surprisingly, the Justice Department won’t prosecute Holder on the …

July 3, 2012

Crime Priorities

Filed under: Crime and Punishment - 03 Jul 2012

2010 was the bloodiest year for U.S. troops in Afghanistan. 499 were killed. More than three times the 155 who died in 2008. Last year was slightly better with 418.

As of mid-June, 144 Americans were killed …

April 28, 2012

But What About Justice For Zimmerman?

I keep thinking of an episode of the 1973 TV show, “Kojak: The Marcus-Nelson Murders.” Homicide detective Kojak suspects that the black teenager accused of murdering two white girls is being framed by his fellow detectives.

April 25, 2012

Border agent indicted for violating illegal alien’s rights

Filed under: Crime and Punishment,Immigration - 25 Apr 2012

In almost total secrecy, the Obama Justice Department has charged a U.S. Border Patrol agent, Luis Fonseca, for depriving the rights of a yet to be identified illegal alien at the Border Patrol station located on Imperial Beach, California, last …

April 14, 2012

Police to White Victim: We “Don’t Mess” with Black Gang

Filed under: Crime and Punishment,What The F@#K?!? - 14 Apr 2012

Most of us have heard about how the media won’t report on black-on-white crime. We also may know that authorities sometimes sweep it under the rug due to political pressure, usually with a wink and a nod. But …

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