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July 20, 2013

Jared Marcum

Some schools assign students to read classic novels such as George Orwell’s “1984.”

At West Virginia’s Logan Middle School, officials appear to rely on 1984 as the way to run a school. They’ve adopted Newspeak in which only government-approved thought …

July 8, 2013

Competition is rapidly changing college

Is the traditional college doomed? More and more people think so. Massively open online courses (MOOCs) are threatening to shake up higher education by bringing primarily non-credit courses from college professors to the world at no cost. The California state …

June 27, 2013

The Great Unwashed Generation

In a recent study reported on Politico, it is said that the reason many young voters abandoned the conservatives and more specifically the GOP was because they didn’t feel they were being considered as relevant in that party.

It doesn’t take …

June 12, 2013

Test Cheats

Filed under: Education & Schools - 12 Jun 2013

A recent report has confirmed that cheating in public schools is up. Way, way up.

By school officials. (Examples are here, here, here, here & here.)

The Government Accountability Office conducted an investigation of the administration of standardized tests given …

May 29, 2013

Get Government Out of Student-Debt Business

Filed under: American Government,Education & Schools - 29 May 2013

As millions of students and their parents are preparing for life after commencement, they’re also preparing to deal with massive student loans. Increasingly, people are concerned about the student debt situation brewing on college campuses. The present state of student …

March 4, 2013

Who Controls the Campus Agenda: The Faculty or Campus Administrators?

Filed under: Education & Schools - 04 Mar 2013

Faculty believe that it is their right and duty to set the campus agenda. Faculty expect to establish – either directly or indirectly – the main thrusts that their campuses will pursue. In particular, they see it as their prerogative …

January 14, 2013

When Teachers aren’t Smarter than a Fifth-grader

Filed under: Education & Schools,What The F@#K?!? - 14 Jan 2013

When I’ve written about our listing mis-education system, my focus has mainly been on rampant political correctness, on how students learn few of the right things partially because of emphasis on teaching the wrong things. Yet there’s another problem: in …

January 8, 2013

Six-year-old Suspended for Firing Assault Finger

If you want to know why we’re breeding some crazy youngsters nowadays, you only have to look at the adults surrounding them. A case in point is a Maryland elementary school that recently suspended a little child for using an …

December 20, 2012

Time for Schools to be Gun-free Free

If there’s anything the Newtown massacre has proven, it’s that school zones billed as “gun-free” cannot be guaranteed to thus be.

They’re only virtually certain to be good-guy-gun-free.

And it’s time for this symbolism-over-substance policy to end.

December 15, 2012

Privacy Invasion

Radio frequency identification, or “RFID,” are microchips. They’re used to track inventory such as books, electronics, tools and pharmaceuticals.

They’ve been injected in livestock. And family pets. My dog has an RFID chip. These are acceptable uses.

Using RFID …

December 13, 2012

Mass Higher Education: Good or Bad?

Filed under: Education & Schools - 13 Dec 2012

Mass higher education refers to the phenomenon, promoted aggressively by President Obama, whereby a tremendous proportion of the eligible population enrolls in the nation’s colleges. It presumes that any American high school graduate who desires a higher education should be …

December 9, 2012

Students Forced to Stand for “Black National Anthem”

Students at Capital High School (CHS) in Charleston, West Virginia have been regularly forced to stand during the playing of a song known as “The Black National Anthem.”

The song, “Lift Every Voice and Sing,” was played in the morning right …

October 26, 2012


Everyone’s familiar with blatant forms of bigotry. But sometimes it’s the subtle forms in which the damage is far worse.

The Florida Board of Education has set goals for public schools students to reach achievement levels in reading and math. …

October 19, 2012

Five Strikes and You’re Out

How many second-chances would your boss give you if came to work drunk? Or high on drugs? Thought so.

You’€™d be unemployed. Most businesses today have a zero tolerance policy.

October 6, 2012

Of Supreme Court Justices and Gay Manifestos in Public Schools

California is now instituting laws prohibiting a therapist from counseling a child confused by same sex attractions. Parents are unable to legally find help. But a teacher can arrange for the child to be taken off campus to see a …

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