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September 30, 2012

Communism on Parade? High School Marches to Marx and Lenin

“What do you think of this?” So began a phone call from Todd Starnes of FoxNews radio. Starnes asked me for a comment on a shocking story: A band at a high school near Gettysburg, Pennsylvania performed a halftime show …

September 1, 2012

College Dilemma

College has gotten ridiculously expensive as most parents already know. State universities can cost a lot.

The price of a single year at some private colleges can nearly equal the median income of a family of four. And there …

August 20, 2012

Education is the Foundation of the Future

Filed under: Education & Schools,History - 20 Aug 2012

Have you ever asked yourself, “How can Progressives like President Obama hateAmerica? How can anyone who was raised in the most free and prosperous society in the History of the world believeAmericais an imperialistic power and the source of …

June 7, 2012

Arabic As a Second Language

Filed under: Education & Schools,What The F@#K?!? - 07 Jun 2012

Next fall, the students of Hamilton Heights Elementary School in Harlem, New York are required to learn a second language.

Twenty-two percent of its students speak English as a second language. Learning another language is not new to them. Optional languages …

May 27, 2012

A Frustrated Matador Alumni

By: Alexa Lotito

Not everyone graduates from high school, gets accepted into college and graduates with a degree. It’s an honor to achieve all of those things and hopefully find a job in your field of study. Being the first …

May 23, 2012

Florida Teacher’s Unions Receive Failing Grades

Two reports this week out of Florida reinforce my opinion that teacher unions are basically worthless.

A Reuters report out of Miami, Florida tells me: “Nearly half of Florida high school students failed the reading portion of the state’s new toughened …

April 13, 2012

Teachers suffering from paycheck ADHD

There’s been a great deal of upheaval involving teacher’s unions over the last year. There was and is great drama in Wisconsin where teacher’s and their Democrat lackeys in the legislature went hands on with Gov. Scott Walker to fight …

March 19, 2012

Teachers Suffering from Memory Loss

It’s been a busy week on the education front in Virginia. The General Assembly, concerned about academics and discipline, defeated the “Tebow” bill that would have allowed homeschoolers to try out for high school athletic teams.

March 15, 2012

Upheavals in American Education: The Start of Something Big?

Filed under: Education & Schools,Featured Conservative - 15 Mar 2012

Reform in America’s public schools occurs with seemingly glacial slowness. In the private sector, businesses (including schools) that provide a lousy product quickly lose customers. They either correct their deficiencies or they eventually close. Similarly, if the problem is poor …

March 11, 2012

Was Boy in K.C. Fire Attack Burned by His School’s Racist Teaching?

The boy raised his hand, eager to answer the question. “What would you know about it?” exclaimed the teacher dismissively. “You’re not our race.”

November 28, 2011

Topeka, Kansas, Unified School District 501 Places Sexual Deviancy on Its Curriculum

What part should schools play in the personal development of our children? Most parents naturally expect teachers and administrative staff to assist their children in learning important skills like reading, writing, and arithmetic, but we now know a child’s development …

September 1, 2011

The Plague in American Education

By: Vickie K. Doherty

President Obama through executive authority seeks more federal control over American education, a move that will seal the fate of our failing schools.

Progressive educational policies dominate American education but academic achievement is in decline. The following scenario …

August 7, 2011

Man-made Global Warming: Convert the Children, Change the World

If you want to create a movement that will encapsulate a nation over time, the majority of your propaganda resources are best allocated toward changing the hearts and minds of the children, not the adults. This tactic is a viciously …

July 23, 2011

The Radical Education Elite and Agenda 21

“The overarching goal of Agenda 21 is to establish international norms of personal behavior that are dictated by a group of the world’s so-called ‘enlightened elite’ who believe they know best how people ought to live therefore they should be …

July 16, 2011

The Year of School Choice—But Not for African-American Kids in NYC

In a recent editorial, The Wall Street Journal calls 2011 the “year of school choice.” Parents and the legislators who represent them, particularly in inner-city schools, are tired of waiting for the promised effects of “educational reform” on the public …

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