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August 13, 2013

History Doesn’t Happen in the Past

Filed under: History - 13 Aug 2013

The parasite has out grown its host and it can’t live on its own.

We are witnessing the convergence of multiple mistake streams combining into one river of destruction. We have a ruling clique concerned only with maintaining its power …

August 3, 2013

Tyranny is as Tyranny Does

Filed under: History - 03 Aug 2013

During the recent 4th of July celebration of America’s independence, Hillsdale College, a bastion of constitutional education and a powerhouse in the promotion of liberty, announced a “Read the Declaration” campaign. This campaign encouraged people who were gathered to celebrate …

July 30, 2013

Reflections on Gettysburg

Filed under: History - 30 Jul 2013

It’s July in Alabama and 100 degrees in the shade. Despite the heat, I crack the bedroom window at night to soak up the sounds and smells of the South. The crickets in the woods, a hoot owl on occasion, …

July 25, 2013

Our Most Under-rated President: A Birthday Tribute

Filed under: History - 25 Jul 2013

One of my favorite July 4th traditions is penning a birthday tribute to Calvin Coolidge. I typically start with a biographical sketch, continue with some of Silent Cal’s wittiest and most insightful quotations and conclude …

July 6, 2013

Boy that cried Wolf: Or the Handwriting on the Wall?

“In the same hour came forth fingers of a man’s hand, and wrote over against the candlestick upon the plaster of the wall of the king’s palace: and the king saw the part of the hand that wrote.” (Daniel 5: …

July 3, 2013

A Perfectly Natural July 4th

Filed under: History - 03 Jul 2013

Will you be celebrating Natural Law this July 4th? You should be. Your Founding Fathers did.

June 28, 2013


Filed under: Corruption,History - 28 Jun 2013

In the last couple of weeks several talking heads have made comparisons between the IRS scandal and Watergate. Some say it’s similar [here, here, here]. Others claim there’s no resemblance [here, here, here].

The Watergate burglary was a break-in …

May 26, 2013

Obama And Our Gold, Perfect Together

Filed under: History,Liberalism, Marxism & Communism - 26 May 2013

Don’t ignore history, my patriot brothers and sisters, because it does repeat itself?

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s Executive Order 6102 Of April 5, 1933 authorized the confiscation of personally owned gold. Do we forget so easily that American freedoms were always …

May 21, 2013

Obama: Abortion Foes Want the 50s – Conservatives: Give us a 50s President Too

Filed under: History - 21 May 2013

At a time when the headline of the day is a story about the bloody massacres of babies born alive in Gosnell’s Clinic, the almost bone jarring contrast of Obama’s speech at Planned Parenthood freezes every normal sense of credulity …

May 18, 2013

Ronald Reagan: Same-sex marriage advocate?

Filed under: History,Politics In General - 18 May 2013

Patti Davis, Ronald Reagan’s daughter, recently speculated on where her father might stand on same-sex marriage. Politico published her thoughts under the headline, “Patti Davis says Reagan wouldn’t have opposed gay marriage.”

May 8, 2013

Melting pot in the wrong hands? What could go wrong?

Filed under: History - 08 May 2013

Well, I’ve seen what can happen when a pressure cooker gets into in the wrong hands. So I’ve been ruminating a lot about what could possibly happen if our melting pot ever got into the wrong hands.

I’ve been thinking …

Happy Birthday to a Great President

Filed under: History - 08 May 2013

Sunday, April 28, marks the 255th anniversary of President James Monroe’s birth in 1758.

Recently, I had the pleasure of reading one of Harlow Giles Unger’s thorough biographies of key figures in the era of America’s founding. In reading “The …

April 20, 2013

Well Done, Lady Thatcher … The Passing of the Iron Lady

Filed under: History,In The News - 20 Apr 2013

Margaret Thatcher, one of the greatest leaders of the Cold War, of the 20th century, and of British history, has died at the age of 87.

I’ve referred to her as one of my Cold War seven: Ronald Reagan, John …

April 14, 2013

Buchanan At The Bat: 3 strikes on Iraq, and Pat’s out

If this is the tenth anniversary of the invasion if Iraq, that must be why tiresome defeatists like Pat Buchanan have been filling the editorial pages with completely unjustified I-told-you-sos.

For the most part, Buchanan’s analysis reads like a transcript from …

March 18, 2013

We Might be Muslim Today if …

Filed under: History - 18 Mar 2013

The year is 632 A.D., and Muslim hordes have set their sights on the Mideast and North Africa — the old Christian world. And the Caliphate, as the Islamic realm is called, will not be denied. Syria and Iraq fall …

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