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January 15, 2013

It Can’t happen Here

Filed under: American Government,History - 15 Jan 2013

Revolutions happened in other countries. The USSR, their satellite countries in Eastern Europe and Asia, African countries, and of course those banana republics somewhere down south, but one thing is for sure, it can’t happen here. Following in …

January 13, 2013

Lincoln vs Obama’s Born-Again America

Filed under: History,Politically Incorrect Reality - 13 Jan 2013

In his Gettysburg Address, President Abraham Lincoln acknowledged that America was “conceived in Liberty.” Lincoln could never imagine voters supporting a president aborting Liberty to rebirth America conceived in Government. Obamacare is the equivalent of America born-again conceived in government.

In …

January 9, 2013

Slouching From Gomorrah: Remembering Robert Bork

Filed under: Courts, The Law & The Judiciary,History - 09 Jan 2013

It has been a couple of weeks since the death of Robert Bork, which occurred shortly before Christmas and didn’t really get the news coverage that Bork merited.

Empires Rise and Empires Fall

Filed under: History - 09 Jan 2013

Most of us, even those of us who are the products of America’s collapsed public education system have heard of the fall of Rome. The greatest of ancient western empires began to fall as soon as the vigorous Republic …

January 7, 2013

A Nostalgic New Year’s Look at the ’50s

Filed under: American Society & Heritage,History - 07 Jan 2013

New Year’s observances blend recollections of the past, celebrations in the present, and anticipation of the future. For a variety of reasons, I’m feeling nostalgic this year. I’ve been giving a lot of thought to the decade of my childhood—the …

January 2, 2013

Can we prevent more mass murder in America?

In the wake of yet another slaughter of innocent victims – this time the most innocent of victims – many Americans are more galvanized than ever behind efforts for stricter gun controls. The response was predictable and understandable. …

January 1, 2013

Merry Christmas and a Happy New America

Filed under: History - 01 Jan 2013

In December of 1914 in the first bitter winter of a long bitter war the solders of the German Empire and the soldiers of the British Empire defied the orders of their officers. They abandoned their hastily dug entrenchments …

2012 The Year of Enlightenment

Filed under: History,Politics In General - 01 Jan 2013

2012 may go down in history as a great year of Enlightenment. The American people saw a new beginning. It was the first time that a president was re-elected and no one really liked the president or his policies. No …

December 29, 2012

Robert Bork and Grove City College

By Dr. John A. Sparks

On a dark February afternoon in 1988, 25 students in a U.S. Constitutional History class waited expectantly in a little-used dining hall on the campus of Grove City College (in Grove City, Pennsylvania) for a …

December 20, 2012

Who Goes Obama?

By: Cindy Simpson

In 1941, Harpers Magazine published a fascinating article by writer Dorothy Thompson titled: “Who Goes Nazi?”

Seventy years later, we’re asking the question: “Who goes Obama?”

(Before the reader is shocked that this article dares mention “Nazi” and “Obama” …

December 4, 2012

In Defense of Old White Men

Filed under: History - 04 Dec 2012

While modern society prides itself on being unbiased, it’s no exception to the rule that every age has its fashionable prejudices — and unfashionable people. Among the latter today are white men, and the closer they are to “dead white …

November 30, 2012

Norway’s cops apologize for sending Jews to death camps in WWII

Filed under: History - 30 Nov 2012

More than 67 years after World War II ended, Norway’s national police service officially apologized on Monday for the involvement of Norwegian cops in the deportation of more than 500 Jewish Norwegians during the Second World War.

Monday, Sept. …

November 29, 2012

The democratic party left Kennedy

I remember in 1986, when I was a lot less politically savvy. When looking back at the Reagan years up until that time, I thought to myself “At least they can never claim supply side economics didn’t work.” Then I …

November 27, 2012

Delusional Academics

Some of the college students in the 1960s who rioted, set fire to buildings and preached “death to pigs” are now professors, department chairs or even college leadership.

And they’ve moved colleges further into the crazy zone.

Where nutty professors operate.

November 23, 2012

Did the U.S. Constitution promise a Chicken in Every Pot?

Filed under: History,Taxes & Taxation - 23 Nov 2012

This is a continuing discussion brought about by reading Glenn Beck’s book Original Argument. The Federalist Papers that deal with finances is quite amusing to say the least. Let’s open for discussion the idea of national debt. The founding fathers …

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