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February 11, 2012

U.S. will work with Israel in preventing a nuclear Iran, said Obama

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President Barack Obama stated on Sunday that the United States will cooperate with the Israeli government in preventing Iran from joining the world’s “nuclear club.” But Obama quickly noted that a diplomatic solution to this nuclear crisis is still …

July 4, 2009

Did America Really Want This?

Throughout most of the two hundred and thirty three years since that first Independence Day, a significant number of Americans have indulged in the luxury of ignoring the entire political scene, caring not whether the particular administration in power leans …

June 27, 2009

Barack Obama’s Robust Debate Taking Place in Iran

Two of the most ludicrous and perplexing statements regarding the Iranian elections came, poignantly, from Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Unfortunately, they occupy the top two positions within the hierarchy of American foreign policy.

November 28, 2007

Islam vs. all Women and Where are the Feminists?

Recently, at his Columbia University appearance—an appearance to which he was actually invited by the university’s administration—Iran’s terrorist President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad spoke about Islam’s treatment of women. Despite all actual evidence to the contrary, Ahmadinejad had this to say: “Women …

November 3, 2007

Iran Gearing Up for Additional Strikes on Western World

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The news media in Iran is stating that the United States by issuing additional sanctions against Iran and declaring it’s suicide Jihad Quds and International Terrorist Group – Is taking the first major steps towards war. Indeed, this is quite …

November 2, 2007

Americans Ready For Another Domino’s Pizza War?

According to a recent Zogby poll, 52% of Americans support “a U.S. military strike to prevent Iran from building a nuclear weapon”. Just in case that is unclear, it means that the majority of Americans are in favor of …

October 14, 2007

Strike Iran Immediately and Remove Its Leader and Regime

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Are we getting close to war with Iran? Indeed, we are and still we have many protests against a war that has not even occurred yet right? Wrong actually, that statement is wrong because we are already at war with …

September 10, 2007

Iran is Trying to Kill My Brother in Iraq

Why is America so afraid to do what must be done? My brother is in Iraq and Iran is supplying weapons to kill US Troops. If the Democrats really care about American lives they would authorize an immediate attack on …