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July 6, 2012

The “Taxing Clause”, Five Lawless Judges, and obamacare.

Our federal Constitution is one of enumerated powers only. This means that WE THE PEOPLE, who ordained and established the Constitution, listed therein every power We delegated to the federal government. If We didn’t list a power, the federal …

June 14, 2012

ObamaCare, the Supreme Court, and Catholic delusion

We’re now weeks, not months, away from the Supreme Court ruling on ObamaCare. Looking back, I remember comments by Fidel Castro upon passage of the law. Until that time, we’d “lagged Cuba” and been denied the “right” to have technocrats …

June 2, 2012

Neither Honest Nor Injun: Another liberal living a lie

Filed under: Myths & Lies - 02 Jun 2012

Massachusetts senate candidate Elizabeth Warren has been unable to substantiate her claim to being part Cherokee, a status she has apparently used to further her academic and professional careers. As if that weren’t enough, she plagiarized two recipes that she …

May 20, 2012

Britain, “Austerity,” and the Lessons of Economic History

By Kyle Latham

Economists and pundits alike are going wild over the United Kingdom’s recent “double dip” recession. The 2008-09 recession prompted the election of a conservative coalition led by Prime Minister David Cameron. Cameron decided the best path for economic …

May 9, 2012

Hokumhontas Warren’s Stupid Horse Moment

Filed under: Myths & Lies,Politics In General - 09 May 2012

Many critics have called Massachusetts Senate hopeful Elizabeth Warren a “racist” for relating a family story about how her grandfather had “high cheekbones like all Indians do.” But they’re wrong. The comment wasn’t “racist.”

It was stupid.

May 5, 2012

Return of the Summer Socialists and Sunshine Terrorists!

Occupy Wall Street is back and gearing up for its latest round of attacks against America. Not surprisingly, the OWS crowd set May 1st, aka May Day, aka International Workers’ Day, aka a socialist holiday, to once again disrupt society …

May 2, 2012

Why Congress May Lawfully Require Citizens to Buy Guns & Ammunition, But Not To Submit To Obamacare.

Harvard Law School was embarrassed recently when one of its graduates, the putative President of the United States, demonstrated that he was unaware that the supreme Court has constitutional authority to declare an act of Congress unconstitutional.

April 19, 2012

A Progressive Perverts the Commerce Clause; but O’Reilly Gets it Right!

Bill O’Reilly (Fox News) made our Framers proud when, on March 26, 2012, he correctly explained [probably for the first time ever on TV] the genuine meaning of the interstate commerce clause. O’Reilly’s guest was Big Government Progressive Caroline Fredrickson, …

April 14, 2012

Myths About Taxes And The Rich Die Slowly

Facts are stubborn things. So too apparently are the minds of certain individuals. These individuals usually, but not always, tend to lean to the left. This is so because in order to be an individual who believes in the power …

April 7, 2012

Judicial Review is Not Judicial Activism

It takes a lot of Chutzpa for a group of hypocrites to accuse someone else of hypocrisy. But that is exactly what we have with the Democratic party in the case of Obamacare. The Democrats, you see, think that it …

President Obama Is No “Constitutional Scholar”

One of the biggest fabrications I regularly hear about our President is that he is a “Constitutional Scholar”. Yet time and time again the President repeatedly shows he knows absolutely nothing about the Constitution. Some people suspect that …

April 6, 2012

Merchant Seaman In 1798, Health Care On Federal Enclaves, And Really Silly Journalists.

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing; and no one illustrates this Principle better than Forbes’ writer Rick Unger in his article, “Congress Passes Socialized Medicine and Mandates Health Insurance – In 1798”, Washington Post writer Greg Sargent and …

April 5, 2012

The Politics of Dick Cheney’s Heart

Liberal pundits strike an interesting pose when defending Obamacare. Bleeding-heart idealists temporarily morph into cold, hard realists on the subject of the individual mandate. “I should not have to pay, either through …

April 2, 2012

Rush to Judgment?

Filed under: Academia, Media & Hollywood,Myths & Lies - 02 Apr 2012

It’s the Duke lacrosse rape case all over again. In 2006, a black stripper accused three white lacrosse players of raping her.

March 31, 2012

Liberals Always Get Caught By The Semantic Games They Play

Semantics is the use language to manipulate the meanings of words in order to achieve a desired effect on an audience. For example when an angry liberal emails me and says, “someone should put a bullet in your head,” I …

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