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August 28, 2011

State Of Inebriation: PA tries to hold its liquor

Eccentric Russian politician Vladimir Zhirinovsky once tried to win his country’s presidency by promising cheap vodka, “at every corner, around the clock.” Despite the populist appeal of that platform, he was not elected. Perhaps he should have been running for …

May 28, 2011

To Tyranny And Beyond

The Transportation Safety Administration has flexed the power of President Obama’s federal government. This is same government, mind you, that could not be bothered to accept a default judgment against the New Black Panther Party for the most blatant …

March 1, 2011

Why the Balanced Budget Amendment is The WORST Idea Ever

Senator Jim De Mint (who should know better) is supporting The Balanced Budget Amendment.  Proponents of this “fix” trumpet these supposed benefits: That the amendment would:

February 15, 2011

How Long Did the Limits Last?

In 1798, a mere ten years after the ratification of the Constitution war with France seemed imminent.  In reaction to opposition regarding the policies of the government John Adams, hero of the Revolution, co–author of the Declaration of Independence, one …

July 28, 2010

Freedom From Tyranny Is Our Goal

When taxes become destructive they surpass the consent of the governed bending to the will of tyranny. When regulations strangle competition instead of securing it from evil combinations they become counterproductive and defeat the very purpose for which they …

March 21, 2010

Wherefore Art Thou Forefathers?

By: Stephanie Flater

On Sunday, Robert Gibbs was giddy as he expressed confidence that the healthcare bill will be the “Law of the Land” in one week. The unconstitutional healthcare bill, the government-run power grab, compliments of the career …

September 6, 2009

Too Much Government

Filed under: Constitution & Bill of Rights,Our Laws - 06 Sep 2009

By: Joseph Harris

A person’s understanding of the purpose, role and scope of government is crucial. A proper understanding of the government envisioned and established by our founding fathers is just as important. America is not a pure democracy, but …

March 22, 2009

Barack Obama, Chris Dodd, and AIG for Dummies

First, in regard to the AIG executive bonus outrage expressed by Barack Obama: he is a liar. Same for Chris Dodd, Barney Frank, et al. All liars. This faux outrage about being outraged by AIG paying out $165 million in …

March 12, 2009

Is Mexico a Failed State?

You would think that a country that has a GDP of 1.5 trillion dollars, and a GDP per capita of $14,400 would not have so many problems. Mexico is a fairly wealthy country, but should be much wealthier. Corruption, antiquated …

November 24, 2008

Nation’s Capital Implements Measures Violating Rights & Property

As the nation’s capital, Washington DC is often looked to for various approaches on how to handle a number of growing issues around the country. Usually government eggheads like to formulate their grandiose schemes from their comfortable halls of …

January 13, 2008

Our Lawless Nation Of Laws

Filed under: Immigration,Our Laws - 13 Jan 2008

Our nation is a nation of laws, and our people follow them. At least that is what they say, but is it true? Or have we gone to the other extreme where just about anything can be forgiven if …

January 3, 2008

A Worthy Resolution for 2008: Give Rule of Law a Chance!

Filed under: Immigration,Our Laws - 03 Jan 2008

The year about to be relegated to the annals of history bore witness to a profound awakening of the American people. In great numbers, We The People finally became aware of the fact that our elected officials have allowed as …

December 1, 2007

Should Gold And Silver Be “Illegal” Tender?

Years ago, if you wanted to buy something you paid in coins minted from, or at least backed by, precious metals. United States currency, for example, was backed by gold held by the government – hence the term “gold …

September 1, 2007

Futile ‘U.S. WAR ON DRUGS’ Impact on National Security

Filed under: American National Security,Our Laws - 01 Sep 2007

Which proves more worthless? The “War on Terror” for the past five years or the “War on Drugs” for the past 35 years?
When you realize that our borders remain open 24/7 to smugglers who traffic in drugs, little wonder …

August 31, 2007

Is Larry Craig Getting Duked?

As news was breaking that Senator Larry Craig had pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct (a misdemeanor) for allegedly attempting to solicit sex in a men’s restroom at Minneapolis Airport the first thought that went through my head was, “Here we …

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