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October 26, 2012


Everyone’s familiar with blatant forms of bigotry. But sometimes it’s the subtle forms in which the damage is far worse.

The Florida Board of Education has set goals for public schools students to reach achievement levels in reading and math. …

October 24, 2012

An open letter to Obama voters

Did you vote for Barack Obama in 2008? A lot of people did – obviously.

What a time. There’s still room for improvement, but what a testimony to just how far we as a nation have come in terms of racial …

October 21, 2012

In the Phony War on Women Both Scripture and Science are Ignored

A hush fell on the recent vice presidential debate in Danville, Kentucky when moderator Martha Raddatz asked Biden and Ryan their heartfelt views on abortion. Biden, who doesn’t mind imposing Obamacare on America and hundreds of Obama’s executive orders on …

September 23, 2012

First Amendment Under Assault

On September the 11th an Islamic horde attacked our consulate in Benghazi Libya, killing our ambassador and three others. Our State department, instead of condemning the attacks, apologized for them placing all blame for the violence on an unknown anti …

September 14, 2012

PC Cancer

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Political correctness. Comedians make jokes about it. Most people hate it. The public suffers because of it.

Political correctness has made some words unacceptable such as ‘handicap.’ It would be incorrect to say, “Joe Biden is handicapped.” …

September 2, 2012

Obama versus Jesus: Black Christians Must Decide

A poll claims Romney will receive zero percent of the black vote. Well, if the poll proves correct, it means that a vast majority of black voters are ignorant of the truth… or else they’re racist.

Black Christians who …

August 23, 2012

Democrat Talking Points: You Are Anti-Gay, Racist and a Tax Cheat

If you support families, personal responsibility or limited government you need to change your mind, shut up or you will be defined as evil.

August 22, 2012

Are We Lapdogs America, Wakeup?

What’s happening to America? Are we becoming subservient to political correctness? Are we afraid to defend ourselves out of fear of being called or labeled intolerant, prejudice or a bigot, accepting a humiliating disgraceful existence, by all those who demand …

August 5, 2012

Chick Fil A

The mayors of Boston, Chicago, San Francisco, and Washington, DC are intolerant bigots.

Recently, the president of Chick-fil-A discussed his deeply-held religious views on marriage. He doesn’t support gay marriage.

August 1, 2012

Tick off a liberal: Take a Boy Scout to Chick-fil-A

Forget about Bert and Ernie. I always thought Kermit the Frog was a little “light in the flippers,” if you know what I mean. Miss Piggy? Probably just cover (wink wink, nudge nudge, say no more). And how about that …

July 18, 2012

On a Wing and a …

Not long ago, a group of 66 members of Congress sent a letter to Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta, urging him to issue guidance to counter an “alarming pattern of attacks on faith” in the U.S. Air Force. This was …

June 15, 2012

The NCAA Political Correctness Witch Hunt

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Now in its seventh year, the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s battle with the University of North Dakota may be reaching a final conclusion. In 2005, the NCAA announced a complete ban on hosting post-season competition by 18 colleges that were …

May 17, 2012

Those Ashamed Of America Shouldn’t Make A Penny Off The Name

Though at one time barely considered worthy of the appellation of literature, scholars of popular culture have today established the thesis that comic books and other forms of media expression derived from these illustrated periodicals serve as a snapshot of …

May 11, 2012

Biden ‘Comfortable’ with Same Sex Marriage – Thirty Two States Are Not

Gay marriage opponents have won bans or amendments 32 times on ballot measures since 1998. Joe Biden, like his boss, doesn’t seem to care much for the general consensus of voters around the country and he seemed even a bit …

April 28, 2012

But What About Justice For Zimmerman?

I keep thinking of an episode of the 1973 TV show, “Kojak: The Marcus-Nelson Murders.” Homicide detective Kojak suspects that the black teenager accused of murdering two white girls is being framed by his fellow detectives.

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