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April 23, 2012

Political Correctness

We are threatened by a nasty cancer epidemic. It’s a danger to our nation.

It’s political correctness and multiculturalism. Make no mistake. These are a disease. A cancer.

April 10, 2012

Democrats Responsible for Black Culture of Anger

Black twenty-year-old male Danielle Simpson with two black associates were interrupted by 84 year old Geraldine Davidson while in the process of burglarizing her home. They duct taped her mouth, bound her hands and legs and threw the white former …

March 17, 2012

NYPD counterterrorism operation on Muslims continues to ignite angry debate

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A classified New York City Police Department undercover/surveillance operation concentrating on Muslim-owned businesses, mosques and Muslim students on college campuses has created an enormous — and unexpected — firestorm with civil rights groups and Muslim organizations claiming that the …

March 14, 2012

Limbaugh and the, um, Lady

Saul Alinsky is alive and well in the political maneuverings of the secular left. The problem is; we all have the play book now.

March 11, 2012

Was Boy in K.C. Fire Attack Burned by His School’s Racist Teaching?

The boy raised his hand, eager to answer the question. “What would you know about it?” exclaimed the teacher dismissively. “You’re not our race.”

March 7, 2012

I Stand Beside Brother Rush!

Showing himself to be a class act, Rush Limbaugh apologized to Ms Fluke. Rush further explained that his apology was not the result of losing sponsors. Rush said he turns down millions of dollars in sponsors each years. Rush said …

March 3, 2012

Liberals Are Setting Women Up For Failure

If one only listens to the bullet points, one gets with the impression that liberals are the most compassionate people on the face of the Earth. Forget that that compassion is with other people’s money and the sweat of …

February 28, 2012

The Sacred Cow of Racism

Honest discussions on issues of race are as scarce as hen’s teeth. Reporters and pundits are usually too afraid to speak on any issue that might be connected to race, unless it is to label someone a racist. Concerning racist …

February 25, 2012

Obama to law enforcement: Stop linking Muslims to Terrorism

In yet another curtsy to the politically correct orthodoxy, President Barack Obama’s White House plans to tinker with federal police curriculums for counterterrorism training classes. The first bit of “revamping” is the removal of all material that groups, such as …

February 20, 2012

Samuel L. Jackson: Look Beyond Race, Assess The Man!

Are you as sick of hearing me talking about race as I am talking about it? For crying out loud, all I ask is that liberals please, please, please look beyond their emotions and Obama’s skin color and honestly assess …

February 19, 2012

Samuel L. Jackson Drops the Act: Admits He Only Voted for Obama because of Race

Hey, Jackson, is it Samuel L. or Jesse? Actually, it’s more likely that the actor was channeling Jeremiah Wright.

February 10, 2012

A Beating and Racial Slurs – but No Hate-crime Charges

Ah, the left-wing capacity for rationalization knows no bounds. While we’re told that even substantive criticism of Barack Obama is driven by the hatefulness the left has dubbed “racism,” a racial attack by three black teenagers on two white …

January 25, 2012

Conservative President? – Yes, But Not by Opinion

That, I am not alone in the struggle to bring conscience, faith and the Bible itself back into the national psyche offers little consolation because, God seems to have required this at a time when it is anything but vogue. …

November 21, 2011

Organized Anarchy Leads to One Last Question

In the topsey turvey world of 21st century America those who live by the kindness of strangers wish to dictate how much kindness they deserve changing the strangers from benefactors to victims.  We have reached a point where our national …

November 18, 2011

Political Correctness In The N.F.L.

This is beyond comprehension! Just when you thought you saw and heard everything, something else comes along that shatters that thought. Now the National Football League, (N.F.L.) has unbelievably gone to the land of the spineless cowards? They’re falling into …

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