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November 17, 2011

Obama ‘Turtles’ on Keystone

The Colonel has seen it all. The retired United States Air Force pilot and war veteran has always had a keen interest in politics, with an opinion on almost any issue at the ready.

November 15, 2011

Sexual Harassment Accusers: Not Automatic Saints Or Sinners

Liberal feminist attorney, Gloria Allred held a press conference in which her female client made shocking graphic sexual harassment allegations against Herman Cain. Sharon Bialek described a Herman Cain totally alien to the man I know.

November 12, 2011

Herman Cain Sexually Assaulted Me

These are indeed dark days for the Herman Cain campaign. How many women has this diabolical fiend harassed, assaulted and even raped during his tenure with the National Restaurant Association? Not to mention during his many other years …

November 8, 2011

Ballot Measure Boondoggle – High Speed Rail Costs Balloon to $100 Billion

Nearly $100 billion. That’s what High Speed Rail is now going to cost California taxpayers – more than double the costs initially promised by the proponents of Prop 1A, which contained the initial taxpayer financing for the project.

October 29, 2011

Success By Failure – The Way Forward For President Obama

Last week President Obama proclaimed a successful conclusion to U.S. involvement in Iraq with troops scheduled to be home by the end of the year. The President and his surrogates have not been shy about reminding everyone who will …

October 16, 2011

Notes of a 99-er

Speaking as one of the 99% exploited by the evil rich, the teeming hordes of malcontents occupying Wall Street and other major cities DO NOT SPEAK FOR ME. I would rather die in poverty than live on their state-sanctioned …

October 15, 2011

Arrogant White Liberal Tells Herman Cain How To Be Black.

This article is for my black brother, a community leader and little league football coach who gets his news solely from the liberal mainstream media. Hopefully it will help him to understand why I, his big brother, is working with …

October 13, 2011

“The Black US Attorney Has Common Cause with the Black Criminal”

According to Department of Justice whistleblower J. Christian Adams, AG Eric Holder has a certain something in his wallet. It is a quotation – and he has carried it for decades. It essentially says, to quote Adams, “Blackness …

October 4, 2011

“Why do Women always….?”: Generalizations and the Building Blocks of Reality

Recently I wrote an article about women’s tendency to support statist candidates. As my emails attest, it was met with quite a positive response. Yet, not surprisingly, there was also a very predictable one: complaints about generalizations. …

October 1, 2011

Obama’s “Hate the Rich” Campaign

In his so-called jobs speeches, Obama exploits class envy shrouded in fairness. President Obama continues to escalate his divisive and evil assault on achievers, purposely pitting Americans against each other.

September 19, 2011

When Love Was a Warm Toy Gun

In a way, commercials can tell you more about how we’ve changed than history books. The other day I came across the above 1960s TV commercial on YouTube; it’s for a toy set called the “Gung Ho Commando Outfit” …

September 3, 2011

My Solution: How to Restore Freedom of Association and End Government Tyranny

Unfortunately, many Americans have become inured to the trampling of freedom of association.  You can work your fingers to the bone starting a business, and the government becomes a partner that contributes nothing but extracts much.  It not only shares …

August 30, 2011

Johns Hopkins Hospital Supports Pedophilia?

The sexual molestation of children by adults is a serious issue. This is why I was appalled when I discovered a prestigious professor at Johns Hopkins University was an open advocate of — apologist for – pedophiles and pederasts …

August 23, 2011

A Liberal Dilemma

Political Correctness has gone wild. It has also negatively affected the most mindlessly arrogant creatures on the face of this earth called, “The Liberals”? Who couldn’t even tell a simple story without getting in trouble?

August 19, 2011

They Who Live by the Race Card Die by the Race Card

Due to Obama’s declining poll numbers, Democrat tongues loosened by cocktails at parties are quietly suggesting, “Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could primary Obama out with Hillary? Darn it, we can’t because Obama is black!”

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