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May 27, 2010

The Internet – America’s New Lost and Found

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A visit to one of the best conservative news sites bounced me over to one of the most irreverent videos I’ve seen in a long time by just clicking on a few well placed links. I was reminded once again …

January 7, 2010

It Must Be Man-Made Global Warming!

God has a grand sense of humor. The Copenhagen Climate Conference that was convened to steal as much money as possible from American taxpayers who already enjoy the cleanest air, water and land imaginable, began and ended under blizzard conditions.

December 5, 2009

Essential Acts of Piracy

A lot of once revered members of Al Gore’s Cult of Man Made Global Warmingology are reeling. After years of stonewalling and claiming privilege to protect their so-called “data” supposedly proving how real Global Warming caused by evil Homo …

November 25, 2009

When Fanatical Agendas Obliterate Science

Climate Emails Stoke Debate: Scientists’ Leaked Correspondence Illustrates Bitter Feud over Global Warming (Wall Street Journal, November 23, 2009).

The Wall Street Journal article notes:

July 25, 2009

Global Warming: Religion or science?

If we have seen it once, we have seen it a thousand times: somebody writes an editorial claiming that man-made global warming is a irrefutable scientific fact, and the rest of us who are stubbornly skeptical might as well be …

April 25, 2009

Fat People Warming The Cooling Planet

Filed under: J.J. Jackson's Opinion,Science & Technology - 25 Apr 2009

The full court press by the apocalyptic Church Of Man Made Global Warming continues. The time remaining to convince people that man is warming the Earth is precariously slipping away and the sands in the hour glass are running …

March 18, 2009

Climate is a Chaotic System

I have, for many years, been saying that the linear models of the “scientists” who adhere to the manmade global warming theory cannot possibly mimic the non-linear, massively chaotic system that is the Earth’s climate. One only had to …

January 11, 2009

Inquisition or Scientific Investigation?

Filed under: Featured Conservative,Science & Technology - 11 Jan 2009

Is it in the spirit of scientific research to ostracize and to punish anyone who brings new and contradictory evidence to the table? The Spanish Inquisition was not an effort to discover the truth. It was a means …

September 24, 2008

Climate Change in Europe? Always Been No Big Deal

An AFP story from September 5 headlined “Melting Swiss glacier yields Neolithic trove, climate secrets” was quite interesting. In fact, it was down right educational. It was all about how new human artifacts from up to 6,500 years ago …

July 1, 2008

Water on Mars? What About Oil Under the Golden Gate Bridge?

Filed under: Politics In General,Science & Technology - 01 Jul 2008

As one who listens to major network “news” only when unavoidable, I am convinced that the FCC has a constitutional, legal, and spiritual obligation to protect the American people by including a health warning before and after every news broadcast.

Radical Environmentalism: The ‘Imperfect Storm’

Liberals inadvertently delivered a telling message in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. In essence, it is the same message they have sent on the heels of every major calamity, whether natural or man-made, to befall the nation during the past …

May 9, 2008

Ben Stein’s Dangerous Idea

Ben Stein has a dangerous idea. His idea is that professors and teachers who express skepticism about Darwinism are likely to find themselves not granted tenure, castigated and ridiculed, and disqualified from the opportunity to have research papers published. …

May 8, 2008

Oil Is Still King

American politicians are leading the charge discrediting petroleum products from being one of the necessities for mans existence on this planet. Politicians can set all the timetables they like but oil will still be around and still be King …

May 2, 2008

The Hard Truth about a Soft Science: Why Psychology Does More Harm Than Good

Filed under: Religion & Faith,Science & Technology - 02 May 2008

In his book The Future of an Illusion, Sigmund Freud said of religion and morality, “It would be an undoubted advantage if we were to leave God out altogether and admit the purely human origins of all the precepts and …

March 20, 2008

Are we now seeing the Real Obama?

or months Democrat Senator and now presidential nominee-hopeful Barack Hussein Obama has presented himself as the ‘inspirational’ candidate of ‘change’ who would ‘heal the divisiveness in the nation’. However, instead of providing change or healing the nations’ disunity, Obama brings …

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