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August 21, 2012

Obama Campaign Sinks to New Low – Scare Our Seniors to Death

Spending the last week studying the Ryan plan on Medicare against the remarks made about it by Barack Obama and Joe Biden has produced a surprising result. The surprise is in finding that the only way Mr. Obama can deal …

August 19, 2012

Are We “All In”?

Clint Hurdle, the manager of the Pittsburgh Pirates, likes to use the phrase “all in” to describe his dedication to the team. He moved his family from Colorado and settled in Pittsburgh, he’s active in the community, and he’s got …

August 1, 2012

Grand Mufti Emanuel’s Chicago Values

When Rahm Emanuel ascended to the top of Chicago’s political heap last year, it was thought to have been the result of a citywide election that won him the mayorship. I had no idea he was appointed the city’s …

July 31, 2012

No Joke

Fido, Casper the Ghost, and Juan Valdez walk into a polling place. No this isn’t the beginning of a joke; it is a key part of the Chicago Plan to re-elect the worst President in American History.

The Voter Participation …

July 20, 2012

NAACP Furthers Mission of KKK

In the heat of passion during a radio interview, I said,“The NAACP, Congressional Black Caucus and Democratic Party are more destructive to blacks than the KKK!”

July 16, 2012

Lying by Omission – The Latest Obama Campaign Tool

Filed under: Economics,Myths & Lies,The Democrats - 16 Jul 2012

There are many kinds of lies like – barefaced, minimization, white lies, contextual lies and economy with the truth lies. Lying by omission is only one of over twenty five kinds of lies yet it ranks among the most deadly …

June 5, 2012

Democrats Undermining Defense for Over 200 Years

Filed under: History,The Democrats - 05 Jun 2012

Stephen Budiansky — author of Perilous Fight: America’s Intrepid War with Britain on the High Seas, 1812–1815 ­— has written an excellent book that inadvertently reveals Democrat politicians — in feverish pursuit of imaginary utopias — have been busy undermining …

June 2, 2012

Presidential election choice is suboptimal, as usual

Election choices are so poor that I am not surprised so few Americans even bother to vote each November. Democrats are so disappointing as they continue to chip away at our underlying American culture and values in pursuit of their …

April 24, 2012

Next Stop: The White Elephant’s Graveyard

Filed under: Featured Conservative,The Democrats - 24 Apr 2012

Virginia just avoided a state–sized version of the popular “government shutdown” crisis. Democrats had twice defeated the budget in Senate votes and it looked like the usual hostages — children, teachers, social workers, grief counselors, underwater mortgage holders, illegals, addicts, …

April 10, 2012

Democrats Responsible for Black Culture of Anger

Black twenty-year-old male Danielle Simpson with two black associates were interrupted by 84 year old Geraldine Davidson while in the process of burglarizing her home. They duct taped her mouth, bound her hands and legs and threw the white former …

March 16, 2012

Only Human: When “person” is a subjective term

On February 23rd, the Virginia state legislature put off any action on its proposed “personhood bill” until next year, much to the relief of Republican strategists who want to steer clear of so-called “social issues.” These critics may have a …

Cutter Lies and Obama gets votes! Stay home and Boycott the Liberal Movies!

Filed under: The Democrats - 16 Mar 2012

The Obama people send out emails almost by the hour some days. And one person lies then the other one swears to it. And you are supposed to believe it. So let me address the lies by Stephanie Cutter. It …

February 11, 2012

Debbie Wasserman Schultz, and the Curious Case of Evolution

According to scientists, about 4 billion years ago, a soupy mixture of non-living protein based enzymes spontaneously and miraculously sprang into a form of life known as prokaryotes. From this soupy goop, man did come, evolving first into a monkeyish …

January 10, 2012

The Curious Candidacy of Elizabeth Warren

Consider the candidacy of Elizabeth Warren, the likely Democratic contender for the US Senate seat from Massachusetts now held by Scott Brown. For a woman boasting such a spectacular resume (Harvard law professor, bankruptcy expert, assistant to the president …

December 3, 2011

Would Europe Benefit From A Super Committee?

Somehow, the sun came up on Thanksgiving Day 2011, despite the shocking failure of the “Deficit Reduction Super Committee” to concoct a bipartisan program for long-term debt reduction in the federal budget. All of America, we were told, had pinned …

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