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June 29, 2008

IRS Scrutinizes World’s Largest Internet Evangelist – Bill Keller Says Supreme Court if Necessary

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The IRS has started an investigation of Evangelist Bill Keller for his allegedly endorsing political candidates. In fact Keller has chastised or questioned a few candidates but endorsed none; so what’s it all about? The story written by Laurie …

June 18, 2008

Why Is Government Forcing America to Switch to Digital Television?

Apparently the sticky problems confronting our nation, including wars in two foreign nations, the very real threat of terrorism, gasoline near $5 a gallon, rising inflation and unemployment, spiraling health care costs, record federal deficits, old, declining infrastructure, and massive …

May 13, 2008

Slaves to the Welfare State

New Orleanians born and bred in the welfare-state seem honestly to believe that they are not required to do anything to help themselves. A large number of people, most of whom apparently are residents of New Orleans, have favored …

May 2, 2008

There’s A Hole In The Bucket!

Perhaps as a child you once sang a fun little ditty about a hapless man, named Henry and his beloved, named Liza. See, this song is about a problem Henry has. His bucket has a hole in it …

April 26, 2008

John McCain’s Flawed Pledge to Fight Poverty

Speaking at a town hall gathering in Inez, Kentucky, Republican John McCain promised to wage a new “War on Poverty,” reminiscent of the late Lyndon Baines Johnson some 40 years ago.

April 11, 2008

Lies, Damn Lies, And Hillary Clinton

Liberals are still out there fighting hard for socialized medicine because it is just one more way for them to get their hands in your pockets and micromanage your life. And what is wrong with a little, itsy bitsy, …

March 28, 2008

Senator Obama and Christian Love

Distressing remarks from the Senator’s pastor have been hashed and rehashed, but something more needs to be said. In addition to assessing the inflammatory preaching by the Rev. Jeremiah Wright in terms of patriotism and decency, let’s also examine it …

January 24, 2008

Stealing From All to Give Freebies to Grandma

Here is a perfect example of the destructive power of government. It is also a representative example of why it is a canard that government ever gives anything away for “free” as that so-called free gift inflicts pain on everyone …

January 23, 2008

Obama’s Bid Turns Focus On Class Split Among Blacks

Briana Parker, a 17-year-old African-American, drives her Honda every Wednesday from her suburban home here to the local Barack Obama headquarters to work the phone banks. Already accepted at six colleges, the high-school senior finds Mr. Obama an inspiration. “He …

January 22, 2008

Global Warming’s Communist Underpinnings

If you need any more proof that the concept of Global Warming is less “science” and is more just a replacement for the kind of failed concepts of communism and socialism that is increasingly being rejected by the world, two …

January 16, 2008

Clinton, Obama Turn to Economy

With the ailing economy emerging as the 2008 campaign’s top issue, Sen. Clinton said Friday she will call in the Senate for $70 billion in emergency funds directed to housing, energy and unemployment assistance. If conditions worsen, she said, Congress …

January 15, 2008

Michigan Woes Alter Campaigns

For a year, Republican presidential candidates mainly have debated antiterrorism and immigration, same-sex marriage and abortion, even as the economy surpassed all those topics as Americans’ top concern. But campaigning for tomorrow’s primary in hard-hit Michigan has forced their attention …

January 8, 2008

To Get Attention In New Hampshire, Dress as an Ostrich

Dozens of interest groups have spent millions of dollars in the 2008 campaign to help candidates and promote issues they support. But just one rides around in an “Ostrich Mobile” and dresses in ostrich costumes. The goal of the …

January 4, 2008

The Madness Of Would-be King John

Liberals complain loudly about President Bush and how he is supposedly accruing power to the Executive Branch. While he has certainly promoted some bad laws, which liberals would tend to love otherwise, that increase the power of the federal …

December 16, 2007

Crisis Clarifies Partisan Divide

There are two major political parties in the U.S. for a reason, and it isn’t that two makes for nice symmetry on a ballot. It’s because Americans are split over a very basic question: how big the government’s role should …

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