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Both Sides of Kerry's Mouth 

by Jeff Jackson 01/20/05

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John Kerry who famously voted for $87 billion for our troops, body and vehicle armor, and supplies before he voted against it has been refining his ability to play for both teams at the same time.  The self professed war criminal and aspiring President has a history of giving lip service to traditional American values while in fact supporting the values of his left wing base.  Did we really think that after the election and his defeat things would be any different?

During confirmation hearings on Condoleezza Rice for the position of Secretary of State Kerry showed his switch hitting prowess once again.  Now, remember Ms. Rice will be the first black woman EVER to hold that position.  Also remember that it is a Republican President that has shown the willingness to ignore color and find simply qualified candidates and NOT the Democrats that are doing this.  And also remember that it is the liberals that fancy themselves in their own minds as the champions of minorities, women and other “oppressed groups”.  And what was Senator Two Face’s response?

Well, first he called Ms. Rice “absolutely” qualified.  Note that he has played to the conservatives and Republicans by saying this.  However also note that it was only lip service as he often gives to those on the right.  Then he turned around and voted against her nomination.

Now, liberals are not confused by this because they know the way John Kerry operates.  It is the same way most liberals operate and they like it.  Liberals tell conservatives that they agree with them and that they are right and then work hard to counteract that which they just agreed with.  But to any clear thinking person, the act of verbally supporting Ms. Rice and then physically voting against her causes a double take.  The hand of any clear thinking person is immediately scratching the top of their head with a stunned “Huh?”

Then our thoughts clear and it dawns on us that Senator Kerry is a left wing liberal and our minds recall about how all throughout history the left wing has always said that they promote qualified people for every job regardless of race or gender or whatever circumstance, stand tall in the defense of liberty, and believe in helping people.  They say these things as they are shoveling the Jews into the ovens to promote the general welfare of the fatherland.  They say these things as they starve millions in the Ukraine to prove the point that they are the ones in power and you better not oppose them.  They say these things as they turn their backs on people oppressed by dictators and are being tortured and murdered for daring to say something against the government and say that liberty and freedom is good enough for them, but not for other people.

And the liberals applaud this because it is a means to the ends of their power.  And clear thinking people see it for what it is; double-speak.  I guess we can say that John Kerry voted for Ms. Rice before he voted against her now as well.  Nothing to see here.  Move along.

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