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Boycott Mexico

By Doug Hagin

January 21, 2006

The time has come for America to do what the radical left is always accusing America of doing! In fact, it is way past time for this nation to stop caring what the rest of the world thinks and says of us. The Left has always labeled us as an arrogant country and I say this is the time for us to become a bit more arrogant towards the rest of the world! At least towards our neighbors to the South.


Recently Mexico, along with other Central American nations made some radical demands of America. Meeting in Mexico City, diplomats from Mexico, Brazil, Honduras, Nicaragua, Guatemala, El Salvador, and Panama made clear they expect America to provide guest worker programs and legalize “Undocumented” migrants. In plain English, these nations are attempting to order us to erase our immigration laws and stop defending our borders!


Imagine the gall and arrogance it takes for nations like these to bark orders at the United States of America! How dare these countries take it upon themselves to make such demands on us? Why don’t they fix the many problems in their lands before they try to intimidate us into becoming a country that effectively has no borders? Imagine countries whose people want so badly to leave that they will risk their lives lecturing the country their people want to go to on how to manage its affairs!


One of the conclusions from this meeting in Mexico City is that Migrants, regardless of their migratory status, should not be treated like criminals. Really? Well how should people who break America’s immigration laws be treated? Like heroes? I suppose we should just give them a pass and say welcome? What does that say to all the immigrants who obeyed the laws? It is a slap in the face for those who did it the right and legal way to allow anyone to waltz across our border. We have open borders for those who can obey laws. If Central America is offended because of that then, tough!


Of course, anyone who examines the evidence can see exactly, Mexico would be opposed to America securing its borders. In 2004 Illegal, and YES I will call them illegal because that is precisely what they are, aliens sent 16 billion, yes billion, dollars back to Mexico! No wonder Mexican president Vicente Fox called a recent bill the House of Representatives passed which seeks to crack down on illegals “shameful”.


Sure, I bet he thinks it a shame if he loses that money doesn’t he. It beats him having to fix his own country doesn’t it? He can just continue to leach off America awhile longer! How nice for Vicente Fox!


Well sorry Vicente but it way, way past time that America reclaimed its sovereign right to not only have borders but to control and secure them! Until Vicente Fox and his Central America cronies figure, this out perhaps Americans should send a message. This message would be direct, to the point, and very effective I would think. The message? Very simple my friends boycott Mexico and Central America!


Yes, I realize that there are some great places to visit in Mexico. Gorgeous beaches, beautiful places rich in history, and friendly people. Yes, I have been there, it is nice, but it is time the American people sent a message our President is apparently not willing to send to Mexico. Either stop helping illegals enter America or pay the economic price!


As much as I like President Bush, I am ashamed that he has not taken Vicente Fox to the proverbial woodshed over the shameful way the Mexican government has done its level best to aid, instead of curtailing their citizens from entering America illegally! No American president should ever hear such demands from its neighbors and not set them straight immediately!


Imagine the powerful message it would send if our president sat the leaders of these nations down and advised them that they had a clear choice. They could, on one hand, help us with protecting our borders, or they could kiss the money American tourists give them goodbye! Now is that a bit arrogant? Oh yeah baby! Is that America throwing its weight around? Definitely so! Is it the president letting our neighbors what exactly the pecking order is? You bet it is!


Alas, it does not seem President Bush is willing to do this. That is very sad in my opinion, very regretful indeed. Regardless of his timidity in dealing with the problem directly, we can send he message ourselves! We can choose to not visit Mexico can’t we? We, the American people, cannot book the cruise, which visits Mexican ports. The Virgin Islands are better anyway! Plenty of great cruises that visit those beautiful beaches aren’t there.


Heck there are thousands of great destinations in this great land aren’t there. Personally, I do not care if I ever see another beach anyway. Give me hiking in the Rockies anytime! America is a great and wonderfully awesome land. Why would we choose to spend our travel dollars in a nation or nations, which are clearly not our friends? Let us spend it here or somewhere else that respects our rights to secure our borders.


So here, it is the answer to the question many Americans have asked. What can we do about illegal immigration? BOYCOTT MEXICO!


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