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Communism is Still Alive and Evil

By Doug Hagin

January 28, 2006

The World Can’t Wait-Drive out the Bush Regime is an entertaining little group of Leftist fanatics and Communists. Now you may not have heard of this new group of anti-American zealots yet. To be sure, they are a fringe group that is not exactly at the forefront of the news.


To be brutally honest I had never heard of them until one of their leaders Sunsara Taylor, yes that IS her real name, was interviewed on the Michael Medved Show. Sunsara is an avowed Communist and frankly not all that sharp or well educated. Of course being a Communist in 2006 pretty much eliminates any chance of that person being considered intellectually gifted I suppose, but back to Sunsara’s message.


I went to the website for The World Can’t Wait, which you too can visit at here but be warned this site is a cesspool of Marxist revisionism and hatred for America. It is filled with the usual Leftist garbage about how America is a terrorist state and how WE, the evil Americans are the problem with the world. That should surprise no one though should it? After all, it is America, which won the cold war, defeating the evil and intellectually bankrupt ideology of Marxism. Therefore it pretty easy to see that the few people out there who still embrace Communism are not exactly friendly to America.


Odd, though that Sunsara Taylor and her Leninist wannabe ilk are very happy to use the liberty that exists here in America to spread their message. QQuite a contrast isn’t it. These miscreants bash America and of course President Bush as evil and bemoan the fact that civil liberties are dead in America. They protest that the Bush administration is suppressing dissent and incarcerating anyone who dares protest the war on terror. Yet they are very free, very vocal in their dissent. Why are they NOT in jail? Surely if their rhetoric was based in the least little bit of truth they would have been swept up long ago wouldn’t they?


So why are they left alone? Surely if this country was suppressing dissent, they would not be allowed to speak. Yet they are speaking and protesting. So why does their rhetoric not match the truth? Perhaps it is because they are nothing but a pack of punks who have way too much time on their hands and too little brains in their heads.


On the Michael Medved Show Sunsara said she had great admiration for Mao Tse Tung as a leader who respected civil liberties. Really now? The kindest estimates say “Civil Liberties” Mao killed 3 million people who opposed his Communist vision. Those who dissented against Mao were arrested, killed or brainwashed. Is that a legacy of defending human rights and civil liberties? Well according to Sunsara Taylor, he was far superior to George W. Bush.


Another oddity here about her condemnation of Bush and adoration of Mao Tse Tung. She and her ilk continuously blast Bush for killing innocents in the war on terror. Yet these fools overlook Mao’s proven record as a man who butchered millions! Are they insane? Are they retarded? Surely, anyone who hails Mao as a civil libertarian must have his or her mental faculties questioned. The truth is this, these Communists that support Sunsara Taylor and her mission to remove Bush from power do not define freedom as sane and rational people do.


Their twisted definition of liberty is not about everyone’s freedom to speak, live and worship as they wish. No, no, their “liberty” is more about forcing their twisted ideology upon everyone. Freedom of speech? Sure, but only if you say and write the things Sunsara and her fellow Communist thinkers approve of.


Freedom of religion? Not if Sunsara gets her way buddy! Christians are at the top of the hate list for The World Can’t Wait. Again, no surprise, religion is the sworn enemy of Communism. No Communist nation has ever allowed freedom of faith and never will. No Communist nation ever allowed freedom of worship and for good reason. Under Communism, you must worship the government, not God.


It is obvious upon visiting the website I listed and doing a little research on Sunsara Taylor and her supporters that they are not the least concerned over any human rights at all. Consider the evidence here for a moment. They love Mao Tse Tung, who killed millions. They espouse an ideology, Marxism, which in the last century killed 110,000,000 people. Marxism, no matter the name, Socialism, Communism Leninism, Stalinism, or Maoism, has never ever done anything but oppress people and strip from human beings every right their Creator granted them.


So when you hear this group spouting their concern for innocent lives remember they gloat over evil monsters like Mao Tse Tung Stalin, Pol Pot and Castro, who butchered, tortured and imprisoned millions upon millions, upon millions of innocents.


Remember also they never so much as raised a whisper when Saddam Hussein was killing innocents. Oh no, no, no, and no again! They only seem to care if the United States kills terrorists. Then they become outraged don’t they? Seems that the only evil they actually see is a nation founded upon liberty and defending human rights.



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