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Dissecting Another Lefty's Misconceptions

By Warner Todd Houston

January 25, 2006

With every extreme Lefty's new round of misconceptions so boldly on display in the Main Stream Media, it becomes ever more plain that they truly just have no capability to think beyond the talking points their buddies fax to them on a daily basis.

They have no knowledge of history, either past or present. They cast all blame immediately on our own country and its actions and absolve any action made by those who wish to kill us. And, worse yet, they don't even have any faith in the American system or character.

Here is another Op Ed by one of those foolish little Lefties. It's called Spying on innocent Americans unlawful - Do wiretaps dim rights? Written by Nasombi Lambright of the Charlotte Ledger.

I have decided the best way is to answer her is a point-by-point dissection of her Op Ed. Yes, I'm going to have her "fisked"!

So, from this point the I will have Ms. Lambright's original Op Ed in quotes...

"I don't feel safe here in America. When George Bush said on 9-11, "This is a new day, America," I think that most Americans were too much in shock to understand what he had in mind."

Funny how she focuses on the US and not the terrorists in that right off the bat we are obviously going to focus on bush and not the enemy. Makes you realize she hated her own country long before Bush or 9/11 came around and that her latest "worries" are more like her latest excuses.

"Every American should ask himself or herself an honest question: How much safer are we from terrorists' attacks in the four years since Sept. 11, 2001?"

Unfortunately, no common American can answer that with an informed opinion. That makes pondering the question open to too much game playing with the answer. I could easily say, with no more proof than she has to the contrary, that Bush has obviously saved us many times over because we have had no further attacks on the homeland.

"America has to pay attention to the facts. Despite all of the dramatic expansions provided to the federal government by the USA Patriot Act, not one single individual has been convicted of a crime in connection to the tragedies of Sept. 11."

Apparently "facts" wont be on the table with this Op Ed, because "dramatic expansions" is not what the Patriot Act does. This is just demagoguery.

"Do you feel hoodwinked by your government? I do."

Those being "hoodwinked" would be those who believe your blather, Ms. Lambright.

"Members of Congress passed the Patriot Act - with little debate just 45 days after the Sept. 11 attacks - because many felt that swift, drastic action was needed for national security. They knew that the act rolled back civil liberties. They knew that the act gave government unprecedented power to investigate, monitor and detain innocent Americans. They believed that the action that they took was necessary to bring justice to the lives lost at the World Trade Center."

Ha, ha. "Rolled back civil liberties". This runs along the lines of the Left's favorite tactic of Say-it-long-enough-and-it-becomes-truth. The problem with this tactic is that they never, ever give us a single example of this loss of liberties. They just assume it to be. And I'll bet she thinks she is all up on the "facts", eh?

"Nearly two years after Sept. 11, a special commission appointed by Congress published a report that revealed facts which demonstrated that the FBI and CIA had all of the tools that they needed in order to prevent terrorists attacks.

The lack of communication between the agencies was the area in need of the most improvement - not expanded federal governmental powers.

Sections of the Patriot Act were set to expire Dec. 31, 2005. Congress recently extended these sections in order to continue the negotiation process to ensure that checks and balances are restored to the executive branch, while leaving laws in place that keep us safe."

All this is coming from a person who knows nothing of history. She doesn't know, for instance, that the Church Commission and the post Watergate era overreaction by Democrats to Nixon actually curtailed traditional Presidential power. She is short sighted enough to imagine that what we have now is what we always had.

The Founders created a system with a strong and energetic executive. This woman would have an emasculated one and that would be as un-American as it gets historically.

"The movement to restore checks and balances is led by both Democrats and Republicans who are outraged that the Patriot Act that has been used more to harass and spy on American citizens than to fight terrorism in a real and meaningful way."

It sounds all grown up of her to say "Checks and balances", doesn't it? Unfortunately seeing the phrase in the context of her debate proves she hasn't a clue what the term means.

"The Patriot Act should be used to prevent terrorist attacks, not collect private data on people who haven't been accused of any wrongdoing."

Once again, we have a claim and no proof. I'd like to see her proof that "innocent Americans" are being spied upon unduly.

"This blatant flouting of the law made both wavering Democrats and libertarian Republicans mad enough to vote against extending the Patriot Act. Then we have the revelation that President Bush ordered secret wiretaps and eavesdroppings, under the guise of doing everything to protect the country. He did this in direct violation of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act without a court order. This is a crime. The Watergate wiretaps prompted Richard Nixon's impeachment."

The question of the legitimacy of the FISA court in the first place doesn't seem to enter into her realm. FISA itself is a curtailment of presidential power and, as far as I am concerned, is unconstitutional in and of itself. And we can thank the Democrats for this attempted destruction of the presidency.

"The American Civil Liberties Union is calling for the appointment of special counsel to determine whether Bush violated federal wiretapping laws by authorizing illegal surveillance of domestic targets."

What the ACLU wants has been suspect since they started their communist staffed organization in 1920.

"Through court documents finally made public, we've learned of over 30,000 national security letters used to demand library, university, financial, internet and other personal records without court approval. Section 505 of the Patriot Act, one of those sections that was set to expire, dramatically expanded the powers of the executive branch to conduct this type of spying."

But wait, didn't she claim it was all a violation of law. Now she admits that the requests are COVERD by law, the Patriot Act?

"One example of the ridiculousness of the Patriot Act involves a scuba diving shop in California. The FBI contacted the owners of the store and requested that they provide the FBI with a list of every customer purchasing scuba diving lessons and equipment for the past four years. This request was both costly and burdensome for the store owners, who would've had to pay accountants and lawyers to search through thousands of store documents. Doesn't the FBI have the tools to get the information it needs without forcing a small store to do it?"

She is being unintentionally funny here. On one hand she is decrying the over use and unimpeded power of the government and its agencies, but NOW she wants the FBI to have had the power to know ahead of time who all the customers of this dive shop were without going to the dive shop owner to ask him about it. Further, she is admitting they don't have the very power she is claiming they are abusing.

She is also revealing the selfish way that leftists view their obligation to the country. Apparently to this Lefty, an American should not expect to have to sacrifice for his country. According to Ms. Lambright this dive shop owner shouldn't be so inconvenienced as to have to help his government try to protect the nation.

I remember a Democratic President that once asked us not to ask what our country could do for us, but, instead, asked every American to consider what they could do for the country. Apparently we shouldn't expect to have to do THAT anymore.

"After World War II and the rise of the Cold War, we had fears of Russian spies all over the country. In fact, there were quite a few. We also had spies all over Russia. Our government's reaction, with the investigations and surveillances of Sen. Joseph McCarthy and FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover, caused hundreds of reputations of law-abiding Americans to be trashed.

Rights were violated; people were blacklisted - all in the name of security. Much wrong was done.

We know that the drive for security can create a police state. That is not America."

Nice juxtaposition and a slick way of making a false comparison. Even with the worst of Hoover's efforts this country did not approach a "police state". And, in fact, the system self corrected as it always does.

But that self-correction takes time and time is something this era of Leftists cannot abide. They are all of the era of instant gratification, sadly.

"We need to make modest changes to the Patriot Act to keep us both safe and free. We need to make sure that these extraordinary powers are focused on preventing terrorism, not on secretly searching the records of ordinary Americans."

This is also curious. On one hand, most of her Op Ed is filled with outrage at how the Patriot Act and the president have gone overboard in domestic abuse, yet now she ways the Patriot Act only need "modest changes". How can there be monumental outrages with the PA, yet only need "modest changes" to fix it?

Here is this Lefty's major problem, a problem that most of her ilk have. She doesn't understand the president's emergency powers. Id ask her (and anyone else interested) to read my piece on how Lincoln, Woodrow Wilson and FDR used their powers to learn a little bit about our country's history. ( Bush - Destroyer of Civil Liberties?) If she does so she may see that, while it is important to keep our eyes on abuse, we are less in a position of seeing a president go over the top in abuse of his powers than we have ever been before.

This country is a very resilient one. If an administration goes too far, then a new one steps in and reverses direction. Politicians are checked and reversed all the time. But, we cannot, in a time when external enemies are knocking at our door and killing Americans, sit back fretting all day long that we are somehow going too far to the point where it hamstrings our efforts all the way down the line.

In a time like this, it is dangerous to generalize that SOME mistakes mean we have gone over the edge into the world of an American dictatorship. It is dangerous to eat our young while the barbarians lurk at the gates.

Lefties like Nasombi Lambright, would destroy any means we have to even make the attempt to stop these enemies. But it's sure that she would cry havoc if another attack were to come. Unfortunately, she blind to her own complicity if those attacks would happen. By Warner Todd Huston


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