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Hey Gringo, Have I Got a Deal for You by Kerry L Marsala (7/14/04)

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Our government began its daily chartered flights to send our illegally entering Mexican neighbors back into the heart from where they came. It is only going to cost the American taxpayers a mere 12 to 14 million dollars to have it done from July until September. Then the two countries will assess the validity of the program. Isn't this such a deal? We have found the solution to all of those illegal aliens, and President Fox didn't have to invest a single peso to get his people back.

But wait! If we send these illegal aliens back to Mexico, who, for the most part, have only come to America to make a dollar to feed their families, what will certain groups do to protest the potential voters we are flying home? Will this hurt the Democrats’, or Republicans’, voter base? There have been many vying for driver’s licenses, amnesty, and voter rights.

Will this 12 to 14 million dollars cost us less in the long run? Does the setting up of free government housing, healthcare and education for the illegal aliens cost us less than flying them home? Will sending them back to their homes stop more from entering or returning?

I doubt it will save American tax dollars, or save any illegal aliens’ lives, but what are we to do? Some call the chartered flights home nothing more than a “band-aid,” others see no alternative in trying to keep migrants from repeatedly crossing the dangerous desert of the Southwest. We have laws on the books that deal with this exploding problem.

Illegal aliens are a major problem for America, but who will be brave enough to do what is right? Is there anyone running for office willing to take a stand and resolve this problem? It would appear not. We have many groups such as PAN (Protect Arizona Now), FAIR (Federation of Americans for Immigration Reform), the FAIR Congressional Task Force, Americans for Better Immigration, POPSTOP, and Americans for Immigration Control, Inc., all submitting voters signatures to have us enforce voting requirements—such as proof of U.S. citizenship—and to stop giving non-emergency state benefits away to illegal aliens. The groups’ initiatives are intended for the November ballot. (To read more of what these organizations are trying to do visit Will it be the common person, at the grassroots level, who will rise up and design ways to enforce the laws that are already on the books? Will it be the power of the people to correct this travesty, or will both parties silence the voices of those fighting to enforce our laws?

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, in the year 2000 there were about 8.7 million illegal aliens here in the United States. The immigration officials estimate that the illegal alien population grows by 500,000 every year. What are we going to do about it? Can we continue to pretend like it doesn’t exist? Is repatriation in Mexico the answer? Is amnesty, as suggested by both parties, the answer? These are complex questions for a problem that used to be a small pimple on America's face, but now it has become an erupting boil on her economic buttocks.

Flying them home will not work. Giving them driver's licenses will not work. Granting them amnesty will not work. Setting up water stations along the border will not work. The continuation of “lasso them up” and send them back will not work, because we are continuing to confront this whole enchilada the wrong way.

What’s needed: At the local level, but with help at the Federal level (as necessary), we must go after the kingpins. We must find the underworld organizations that pay the coyotes to sell a lying promise to those of Mexico, Central America, and South America. These alien smugglers charge a fee (usually all the money the illegal aliens have) and load them up like cattle, packed and cramped in inhuman conditions, dump them in the desert of 120 degrees with no water, and tell them adios. The murderous smugglers then laugh all the way to their bosses with the money they’ve stolen.

We need men and women who are willing to stand up and be leaders, willing to face down these organizations, top to bottom, and clean house. Those who lure illegal aliens should be prosecuted to the fullest extent. If we will take down the boss hogs and coyotes that run these operations, we would see less death in our deserts. We would feel less of a pinch in our tax dollars, and our hospitals would not be stretched beyond their means.

The Mexican government needs to be accountable as well. It has done very little to stop the illegal alien runners on the other side of the border. The problem of illegal aliens is a crisis on both sides. Just because Americans have fatter wallets and bigger hearts to care for all, doesn’t mean when she gets pushed too hard, she shouldn’t push back.

It is past time to push back. America needs leaders who are willing to work with each state and local official to stop the criminal activity of trucking aliens across our borders at a rate of half a million a year. Is there anyone out there brave enough, smart enough, and patriotic enough to tear down the wall of injustice that plagues our nation each and every day of the year? The time is now to draw the lines at the borders and enact our laws.

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Ms. Marsala writes for OpEds, and conducts interviews for Opinion Editorials; The Rant; Canada Free Press; Independent Newspapers; EV Tribune; ACU Foundation; Canadian Free Press; Sarah's Seed Woman's Journal; A. M. Siriano; Men's News Daily; Lady Liberty; NZ Herald; Citizen Newspaper;; Americonservative; TAC; PHX News; Enter Stage Right; The Right Guys; Conservababes; The Alberta Weekly; Free Republic; Conservative Battle Line; Focus Magazine; Insight Online; GOPUSA/Arizona; and The Truth Magazine.

Writing about cultural, social and political ideologies by using a bit of satire every now and again helps keep her grey cells stirring. Her philosophy remains that no matter the event, you can always find a bit of humor or the human element of hope somewhere amongst the cracks. Arizona is where she currently corrals her posse, although she's a beach bum'n girl at heart. When she isn't espousing, she enjoys painting abstract art, photography, and music of all genres.

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