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Julian Bond, Intolerance and Bigotry Personified!

By Doug Hagin

February 5, 2006

It is 2006, this is a more sensitive time, or at least it is supposed to be a more sensitive time, especially where race is concerned. Certainly, groups like the National Association for the Advancement for Colored People have repeatedly been very quick to descend upon anyone foolish enough to make any remarks even remotely resembling anything that they can construe as racist or bigoted.


So why has the NAACP allowed a recent speech filled to the rim with hateful, racist speech to go not only uncontested but seemingly with their blessings as well? Perhaps the reluctance on the part of the usually eager NAACP to condemn what is very clearly hate speech is due to the source of this speech.


See, the voice, which spewed the hate-filled rhetoric of intolerance and narrow-minded bigotry, was none other that Julian bond. Bond is not only a prominent member of the NAACP; he is, in fact, its chairman! Is it to be assumed then, that the NAACP can talk the talk of racial inclusion and tolerance while walking the walk of hatred and shameful bigotry?


Surely their all but deafening silence over Julian Bond’s recent remarks at a North Carolina university seem to suggest they not only are willing to give Bond’s racist blathering a pass but that they endorse it as well. How far a once noble group committed to fight racism and discrimination has fallen.


So what is it that Bond said exactly? What did he say to deserve such a harsh rebuke from not only your humble columnist but from Conservative Black groups like BOND and Project 21 as well? What could he have possibly said to deserve such condemnation and scorn?


Speaking at Fayetteville State University Bond compared the Republican Party with the Nazis in Germany. "The Republican Party would have the American flag and the swastika flying side by side," Bond said during his speech. Now keep in mind what the German Nazis did and the reconsider Bonds insulting and intellectually bankrupt comments.


Hitler’s Nazis butchered 6 million Jews. They waged a war of evil and destruction on the entire world. Hitler was one of histories worst serial killers. Innocent men, women and children were arrested, locked away, starved, tortured and slaughtered by these evil bastards! Does Bond really expect any sane person to take him seriously when he compares these Nazis with today’s Republicans? Is he really that consumed with anger and bitterness?


Now Bond did not stop at belittling the victims of the Holocaust and denigrating their terrible suffering. Oh no, no, and no again! Bond also took the opportunity to attack Condoleeza Rice and Colin Powell as well. Seeking to punish Rice and Powell, two people of far better quality and substance than “Bitter Bond”, he referred to them a “tokens”. It seems the only “Colored” folks Bond and the NAACP want to advance are those who march in lock step with the left-wing agenda they endorse! Certainly, Bond has no problem throwing around racist slurs when discussing the very people his group claims to speak for and claims to defend.


Now, those of us who have followed the NAACP leadership and its despicable descent into nothing more than a bunch of leftist race baiting hate mongers are not surprised at Bond’s comments. Nor are we surprised at the NAACP’s refusal to call Bond to task over these remarks. Julian Bond has been playing the part of the bitter victim for years now, and the NAACP has been justifying their existence by overplaying the race card at every turn for years as well. For Bond and his cohorts, this is nothing more than job security.


As long as they can embitter enough African-Americans and convince them they are victims of the evil White Conservatism, they can continue to support their favorite nation, DONATION! Certainly, the worst thing for the NAACP and Julian Bond would be for Black Americans to embrace Conservatism. For them to embrace that would mean they would also reject the “You are a victim of evil White Conservatism and only we can help you” message the NAACP and Julian bond are pushing!


Now for those of you who might label this column as overly harsh or mean-spirited let me assure you it is not in the least either of those. Groups like the NAACP, and individuals like Julian Bond, Al Sharpton and of course Je$$e Jack$on, have for too long now made their very profitable way by dividing people in this country. They have, for personal gain, invented racism and division where none exists.


They have sought to create racist events and to proclaim themselves as the only cure for the racism THEY themselves created. They have trashed the reputation and heritage of any Southerner who dares proclaim an understanding and appreciation for the sacrifices of great men like Robert E Lee and Stonewall Jackson. They have trashed great men like Jefferson, Washington, and Madison in the same attempt to create racial tension for their own benefit.


They have thrown the race card down so often and so needlessly, as to cheapen the meaning of racism! They are the “boy who cried wolf” personified. I, for one refuse to be intimidated by their tactics! I will always be willing to fight these racists because I realize that most Americans really do not see something like skin-color as important at all. People are people, not jelly jars, so let us stop labeling them!


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