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Liberals Concede Future Elections

By Carolyn Hileman

January 25, 2006

While it is true that at one time the Democratic Party stood for something and was once a major force in the world it appears that, that is all about to change. Worldwide, some 20-30 million legal abortions are performed each year, with another 10-20 million abortions performed illegally. What this simply means is that while they are exercising their right over their body they are also negating one vote in the ballot box in eighteen years. Since abortions became legal twenty years ago some four hundred million abortions have been performed using the lower number given for those done legally.


Stop and think about this for a moment, eight years ago it would have seemed highly unlikely that a conservative could have won the White House much less two years in a row. Is this because the conservatives did such a wonderful job of changing the minds of the liberals, I think not. The simple matter of it is that they have been and continue to systematically kill off their constituents. What they call exercising their rights, is actually destroying their chance at being a governing power.


There is an e-mail flying around the Internet that says to leave the liberals and the gays alone because in ten years they will have killed themselves off, while some of us conservatives think it is funny, it does have a lot of merit. Take for instance the animals in the wild; if they fail to reproduce or kill off their young they become extinct. The fact is the liberals by their sheer nature are making themselves extinct. If they continue to kill off their constituency in record numbers and engage in sex that produces no offspring they will in fact be extinct in the next ten to twenty years.


While this is cause for celebration among many conservatives I am sure, it is still lives that we are dealing with. While they busily call these children a fetus we call them a person and raise them to believe the same. The liberals however will not have that option; they cannot shape the future if they have no future to shape. They will not be able to raise another generation of liberals simply because they called them a fetus and terminated them. The future is our children, our legacy is our children, without them we become just another one of those sites they dig up a hundred years from now. So twenty years from now when there isnít even enough liberals left to be a party they will have no one other than themselves to blame. From what I can tell each time a procedure is done the liberals are conceding a future election.


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