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Our Dying Nation

By Douglas Spear

January 12, 2006


The United States of America is on failure’s doorstep due to the lack of knowledge, formality, and drive that our country once had. Even though it was destine to happen, recent generations are letting our nation gradually destroy itself and its free values of life. People [even Americans] nowadays simply hate the US for various reasons, one of them for the fact that we are at war; whether it be against terrorism or a repressive communist regime. However, the WWII generation was unified and came together during times of war, but today our pitiful millennial generation is left confused and uninformed. Americans today would rather get something for nothing instead of working hard to earn anything. Everything is blamed on the government as an excuse to complain and pose as a helpless citizen; and while there are many problems with the government it is not the way someone should live their life.  This puts American citizens back on their heels and gives perfect opportunity for them to seek absolute power without even acting like they took it or had it on their agenda. By now, many of you are shouting “not another conspiracy theory,” but conspiracy theories go back many years, and recent schemes just prove that they are here in our faces today. I was taught to never dismiss conspiracy theories without proof and self research, but the millennial generation will never grasp this concept and that is one of our biggest problems today. They [young America] don’t understand nor care enough to actually do any research on their own, but instead take everything they hear from their professors as truth. Students are being misguided and lied to in schools and our history will become nothing more than tattered documents from the past. True history is not taught anymore, and too many people of the US do not have legitimate political knowledge to see where our world is ultimately headed nor decide what might be best for it.


Many may see that the world is doomed for destruction and failure, but they don’t even see what is causing the problem. International government is potentially the most devastating threat that the US [and world] faces today. The United Nations is merely an unorganized assembly of regimes looking for world supremacy. The UN is in search of an international community with power over everything and everyone. If people stop and smell the roses, an international community is simply impossible because of the differences in political standpoints, cultural values, morals, and religion. The UN is trying to force all mankind to live together, regardless of their cultural, moral, and religious values. Just imagine living in a city, town, or village where you are the only family of your race, while all other families living there are of multiple other races. How could this possibly bring unity when you all have different values, speak different languages, and have different religious opinions? How can you have fellowship or pride in this kind of living environment? In simpler terms, this kind of lifestyle would be like forcing a hunter to work with all anti-gun, animal rights activists; this is simply ludicrous. Instead of trying to thrust diversity and international unity, why not reclaim the values that America once had? Conformity used to be a well taught value, but today we are taught to be diverse and throw away the “duty before pleasure” attitude that we once had. Extreme lefties, common liberals, and communists are to blame as they hinder national unity and etch simplistic liberal views into the minds of young vulnerable university students. Even university professors are to blame because more and more history classes are becoming persuasion lectures to teach liberal – communist propaganda. Freedom of speech is acceptable of course, but teaching students in any public schools or university to side with any form of government, party, or organization is unacceptable. This can be left for discussion groups and extracurricular related classes for those who wish to participate. It is the liberal mentality that hates America, and past events prove it. Liberals sided with communist countries such as Nicaragua and El Salvador instead of helping their freedom fighters seek sovereignty and refuge. Liberals threw away billions of American tax dollars by handing the Panama Canal to Panama who then gave it to a communist China. Liberals also aided Russia the funds for dismantling nuclear missiles but instead these funds allowed them to create even more dangerous armaments. These are unacceptable acts of government yet they are left out of History 101 and professors deny it when asked about it.



Much of the change in our nation’s mentality came in the 50’s and 60’s through the corrupted agenda of Martin Luther King Jr. Martin Luther King Jr. was looked upon as being a national hero when in fact he was the cause of many Americans questioning our Constitution and throwing our civil rights down the drain. Of course the US had problems concerning race and equal rights, but King wanted to do more than just construct equal rights. King was made up to be an archangel for African Americans and he convinced people that not only should African Americans be given equal rights but also special treatment and civil handouts from the lack of equal rights received in the past. In King’s book entitled Where do we go from Here, he says "A society that has done something special against the Negro for hundreds of years must now do something special for him, to equip him to compete on a just and equal basis." What kind of special treatment did he expected blacks to receive you ask? In another insert Jr. says, "If a city has a 30% Negro population, then it is logical to assume that Negroes should have at least 30% of the jobs in any particular company, and jobs in all categories rather than only in menial areas." No! This is completely erroneous; the best person for the job should get the job. Why favor firefighters, police, and doctors [people who we depend on daily] of one race who aren’t as qualified or as experienced as those of another race? Guaranteeing jobs according to race is a huge socialist attribute. He even threatened to boycott businesses that did not hire African Americans in proportion to that of the population in that particular area. Likewise, “people like Jesse Jackson, Charlie Rangel, Kweise Mfume, and Al Sharpton…are not sincere in their efforts to promote racial peace and equality but to stir up trouble to enhance their own image and to gain power and prestige for themselves.”1


Continuing with Martin Luther King Jr. it is also easy to see that he was a communist, but many people ignore this fact because they are to ignorant to do the research. King attended many seminars at The Highlander Folk School which openly taught communist strategies. King was part of many questionable organizations while also being surrounded by extremely suspicious individuals. King’s vice president of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, Fred Shuttlesworth, was also the president of the Southern Conference Educational Fund, a noted communist association. Shuttlesworth’s field director, Carl Braden was convicted of bombing a residence in Kentucky and known to be a communist supporter. In a 1959 letter to Carl and his wife, King urges them to become permanent colleagues with his Southern Christian Leadership Conference. King was supposed to be a “nonviolent civil rights activist,” when in actuality he was affiliated with known communist terrorists. A man by the name of Hunter Pitts O’Dell, a notorious member of the National Committee of the Communist Party, replaced the director of King’s SCLC organization. Soon thereafter, the media uncovered the truth behind O’Dell, and King fired him to cover his own tracks only to secretly re-hire him for other purposes in another one of his organizations.



Democrats and equal rights activists are trying to force acceptance of homosexuality, abortion, anti-war movements, and anti-gun movements. On TV there are shows such as Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, Will and Grace, and numerous dating shows, all of which approve of homosexuality as well as push for the acceptance of it. Queer Eye for the Straight Guy is about homosexual males who try to get a heterosexual male to dress, act, and live like them. Although the heterosexual male might agree to be on the show, the whole purpose of the show is to make the viewers think that heterosexuals and homosexuals can live together in “harmony.” Forcing acceptance will just convince more and more delusional citizens to vote in side with gay marriage. Changing marital rights and approving of gay marriage [and social acceptance] is detrimental because the homosexual population will take advantage of homosexual unions and create a new meaning to equal rights. Homosexuals expect to be treated extra special for being “mistreated” in the past and gay marriage will only validate homosexuality in our society. Will and Grace secretly tries to get viewers to believe that being a homosexual is normal by making it seem like homosexuals live a normal life alongside heterosexuals. Homosexuals do not live normal lives and now they are trying to be sanctified by pushing same-sex marriage! Saying “we are a couple” is not enough, so instead they have to have a certificate for it? What is the validation or motivation of allowing same-sex marriage? Acceptance, prestige, and power are all reasons for their movement, but apparently those who oppose homosexuality are in the wrong since we don’t want to change our ways.


The whole goal of homosexual unions and organizations is to force acceptance, and same-sex marriage is their biggest way of accomplishing it. The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, the National Organization of Women, and the Democratic Party have put forcing the acceptance of homosexuality on their agenda and will stop at no avail. They have already swayed confused teens, misfits, and corrupt civil rights activists that homosexuality is a natural way of life and are in the process of making a national gay rights law which would make homosexuality a protected civil right. “Such a law could give homosexuals, pedophiles, and sadomasochists the same preferred standing at law that is now enjoyed by blacks, Hispanics, women, and the physically handicapped. They want to give a man who marries another man the same rights as a husband and wife and make it illegal for churches and other religious groups to ‘discriminate’ against homosexuals in their hiring practices.”2 By creating gay rights, it is just another way for homosexual unions to push for same-sex marriage, and pressuring the government and our society.

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