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Our Dying Nation

By Douglas Spear

January 12, 2006

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The USA was named the “melting pot” many years ago, and people happily became Americans adjusting to our ways of life. Today, multiculturalism flipped the coin and Americans are the individuals who have to do the adjusting whether they [we] want to or not. Bob Baecht hit the nail on the head in his article, MULTICULTERALISM: Harmful to America, when he said “many of those who come to America do not want to be ‘melted’ and assimilated into the traditional culture as formerly practiced in the nation.”3 It would be ignorant and counterfeit to say that all immigrants are this way, but I am opined to say that it is not selfish to be upset of the acceptance and tranquility we are forced to show immigrants coming to our country, taking our jobs, and not even conforming to our ways. Present generations who originated from the “melting pot” generations are the ones who are now the minority and being subject to change or take heed to other cultural traditions instead of the other way around. I do not go shopping in particular stores simply because I am sick and tired of seeing signs, isle-way advertisements, and price tags written in English and Spanish. We are spending our own tax dollars to aid the agenda for diversity and we don’t even care nor plan to do anything about it. There is not one single reason why Americans should be forced to adapt to illiterate, un-American foreign languages and traditions in every day life. If we allow ourselves to be pulled into foreign ways, we will not only give up our heritage and traditional values, but we open ourselves to be hit with another big wave of civil rights activists forcing society to heed to those who are “melting our pot.” There are so many more good points that could be mentioned here but Bob Baecht said it best in his article.



The last issue I wanted to cover in this article was the disgraceful new agenda of removing all firearms from every household in the United States. This is on the UN’s agenda and they are already implementing this law in other countries, and soon enough America will be next. We’ve all heard the saying “it’s not a right, it’s a privilege,” but in the case of keeping and bearing arms it is the contrary. Owning a gun is a right, not just a privilege as it says in the Constitution. In the second session of 1982, the Ninety-Seventh Congress had an excellent insert in the preface of the report. “They [courts or commentators] argue that the Second Amendment's words ‘right of the people’ mean ‘a right of the state’ — apparently overlooking the impact of those same words when used in the First and Fourth Amendments. The ‘right of the people’ to assemble or to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures is not contested as an individual guarantee. Still they ignore consistency and claim that the right to ‘bear arms’ relates only to military uses. This not only violates a consistent constitutional reading of ‘right of the people’ but also ignores that the second amendment protects a right to ‘keep’ arms.”4


In the Declaration of Independence, Jefferson specifically stated that if any form of government becomes corrupt or destructive, that it is the “right of the people” to alter or abolish that government and institute a new one. The first action on this course would be protesting and documentation, but physical action would soon follow and with all firearms eliminated it would be merely impossible to take any sort of action. Unless something is done to prevent this now, the right to keep and bear arms will be nothing more than a pastime right. The government knows this and will do anything to keep the power on their end of the court, and any leeway for the people is too much leeway for the people. The last thing the government wants is even the slightest vulnerability of being abolished simply because of the power trip that many politicians are on. The right to keep and bear arms is a lot more important than society understands it to be, and very few still fight for it.



Until people open their eyes and begin to care, the United States will continue its downhill spiral into chaos and destruction. Our nation needs the unity and drive it once had, but with all the “new age” propaganda our future generations have no chance to a free and plentiful life. Instead they will live a life controlled by an international government with no rights or the drive to do something with their lives. It saddens me to see a great nation change into something that it once despised, and until the people of America and the government who govern them see it too, we are a dying nation.

1MULTICULTERALISM: Harmful to America – By: Bob Baecht

2Homosexuality as a Civil Right – By: Vic Bilson, Jeremiah Project

3MULTICULTERALISM: Harmful to America – By: Bob Baecht

4The Right to Keep and Bear Arms: Report of the Subcommittee of the Constitution United States Senate - Ninety-Seventh Congress - Second Session, Feb. 1982 – Preface – By: Senator Orrin G. Hatch, Chairman


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