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Reform? House Majority Leader Campaign Begins

By Warner Todd Huston

January 14, 2006

I love how the Main Stream Media phrases a debate. We aren’t just about to have the House of Reps in Washington elect a new Majority leader, but we are electing a “reform agenda”. And, since we all need serious and sweeping reform, it is just a shame that every Republican is tainted with scandal.


With John Shadegg (R, Arizona) announcing that he is now placing himself in the running for the Majority Leader position, the MSM is already trying to ruin his chances.


Here’s how MSNBC put it today:


Shadegg is trying to position himself to run as a fresh face to Blunt and Boehner, each of whom has extensive ties to Washington’s lobbyists. But Shadegg is not completely separate from Washington lobbyists himself. In December, he shed more than $6,900 in campaign contributions from sources connected with disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff.”


“Shadegg is not completely separate”, they say. No whiff of REAL culpability on Shadegg’s part is discussed, however.  He just happened to take legal campaign contributions from Abramoff.


ABC News used the same tactic:


“Shadegg is positioned to run as the outsider and fresh face to Blunt and Boehner, each of whom has extensive ties to Washington's lobbyist money culture. But Shadegg also has shed more than $6,900 in campaign contributions from sources connected with disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff.”


Nice and smooth. Tar Shadegg with the Abramoff brush without attempting to qualify whether Shadegg actually did anything wrong!


With Shadegg’s entry we have the more conservative of the trio up for the position and the MSM know this and want to do their best to scuttle the possibility with their obvious agenda so transparently on display.


Of course, it isn’t just Shadegg they are trying to taint. Here is how the Cleveland Plain Dealer attacked Representative John Boehner (R, Ohio):


“But the quest by Boehner (pronounced BAY-ner) to win the No. 2 post in the House, giving him sway in leading the Republican majority, presents a dilemma. If Congress is to renounce its cozy relationships with lobbyists - the intense chase for campaign money and deal-making that's prompting outrage - Boehner may not represent a sweeping change.”


So, we have the double-edged sword of saying Boehner “may not represent sweeping change” and a tainting of all lobbyists in that report. This was opinion, not news.


Of course, Abramoff did some illegal stuff. But not everyone who received contributions from him were in the wrong to take them However, if you were to read the MSM’s account of the situation you’d imagine that every contribution was somehow illegal or unethical.


New here’s my “opinion”. One would bet that neither of the media outlets I mentioned here worried about “corruption” when Al Gore was getting contributions totaling thousands of dollars from Nuns who had supposedly taken a vow of poverty in the late 90s. Nor, can you find many stories that reveal the dozens and dozens of Democrats that Abramoff gave money to today, I’d bet!


The MSM. Monument to sophistry.


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