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When It Rains, It Amanpours

By Warner Todd Houston

February 1, 2006

I am a little late on this but Christiane Amanpour was on Larry King (Jan 30, 2006) the other night and it struck me how amazing it is that someone can be considered a "communicator" for a living but be utterly unable to speak extemporaneously and put a sensible sentence together. The lovely Christiane sounded wholly empty headed presenting the worst example of a brainless TV bimbo stereotype. You can see her lips moving, but nothing making any sense at all is coming out. Let's look at two paragraphs from her visit with King and try to make sense of it, shall we?


Paragraph 1:


“But, as Peter Arnett said, and I think that the others have said, that number one it's our responsibility. Number two, if we don't do it, who does it? We have had so -- we have to have an independent eye on these conflicts. The war in Iraq has basically turned out to be a disaster and journalists have paid for it, paid for the privilege of witnessing and reporting that and so have many, many other people who have been there.”


Now, I can get the concept that she means to say that it is the responsibility of the media to go into these conflicts to cover the story and in that she is quite right. But, what is this "if we don't do it, who does it?" stuff? Is she saying that only her network and the other MSM outlets are able to get a story in this day and age? That would be a surprise to Michael Yon or Robert Kaplan just to name but two. Here Amanpour inflates her own ego to the exclusion of hundreds of others now able, willing and actually doing what she seems to be saying can only be done by her and her fellow MSMers.


Further I am amused by this "independent eye" claim. Her profession has been repeatedly proven to reflect the leftist political line nearly to a man (or woman) to the last ranks of her fellows. Where is this "independent eye" she is talking about? It is easily seen by any thoughtful viewer of the MSM's work that a common ideological underpinning is pervasive throughout the MSM making her usage of the word "independent" seem a mockery of the truth.


Then she makes the gem of an observation that "(T)he war in Iraq has basically turned out to be a disaster and journalists have paid for it, paid for the privilege of witnessing and reporting that and so have many, many other people who have been there."


Aside from the utter in-eloquence of this clumsy, patched together conglomeration of verbiage, she reveals herself merely to be captive to leftist claims of the failure of the war quite regardless of the facts on the ground. Worse than that she arrogantly claims that it is the journalists who have "paid for it". Not a word for the soldiers of many nations who have perished to bring Iraq liberty, not a word for the many millions Saddam murdered during his obscene regime forcing the hand of those aforementioned military personnel, and not a word for the many common Iraqis who have died by the hands of fanatical Muslim murderers since the US and its coalition forces entered Iraq. What a disgusting display of self-importance and blindness to the real suffering and sacrifice of people far more worthy than she and her fellow journalists.


Paragraph 2:


“And I think that's terribly, terribly difficult for us and unfortunately for some reason, which I can't fathom, the kind of awful thing that's going on there now on a daily basis has almost become humdrum. So, when something happens to people that we identify, like Bob and like Doug, we wake up again and realize that, no, this is not acceptable what's going on there and it's a terrible situation.”


This mess has more asides than a 1940's Popeye cartoon. But once again we see her arrogance and the arrogance of her profession on display. Apparently, the only way we lowly and stupid Americans can understand the losses in Iraq is when someone that "we identify, like Bob and Doug" ends up harmed. (One can only assume that she meant someone we identify with, like Bob and Doug, in any case)


Obviously, the only way we can all "wake up" is to see the "terribly, terribly" difficult things that those poor, poor journalists are forced to go through. Once again, we see an utter lack of recognition of the people who have gone through far more than these pampered journalists have ever lived through. People who have sacrificed more and worked harder for the freedom and liberty of a people that Amanpour's ideology would deny to them.


This woman is as empty a suit as the worst poll driven, platitude laden politician. As selfish as any petulant, arrogant child pampered by Mommy and Daddy. Her blindness and stupidity is abhorrent but oh so "terribly, terribly" common among the ego driven MSM.


By warner Todd Huston


Larry King transcripts:


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